Minaal Daily 4.0 & Carry On 4.0

So I’m wondering if the next version of the daily 4.0 could add 3D pockets like on the Carry-On, on the inside of the back panel or in the 3.0 version is already 3D pockets?

I’d love to see on both versions a zippered document folder pocket instead of the clip, and zipper for the inside pocket under the document flap. For both Daily 4.0 and Carry On 4.0 to see on the document flap the all zippered organisation that’s on the daily 3.0’s currently but all have zippers and none are open pockets.

I don’t know if it’s asking too much but I think it would be pretty cool if we could somehow get a zippered pocket that goes into the tech compartment. You can have like a small power strip that lays on the bottom part of the bag where there’s the empty space for cushioning for the laptop/tablet for both the daily 4.0 and carry on 4.0 so when you sit down at the airport or on a train with an outlet you don’t need to take the devices out of the pack to charge all devices.

Charging produces heat. Sometimes a lot. Depending on your devices, something could be damaged.

Charging from a battery is more or less ok but I would not risk it with a power outlet. The general recommendation is to never charge something on a flammable surface and never cover the power supply.

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