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Minaal Radio

As mentioned via email, we’re launching a pirate radio station. Again: this is not a joke. Well – it might turn out to be a complete joke, but we’re not joking.


…is our general community area, for any and every discussion. Some may call it ‘off-topic’. We call it ‘pretending to work’.

Member Support

Our goal is to give members shockingly great support – which starts with making answers to your questions easy to find. This is the place to find answers, and to ask any other burning questions you have – our team checks this forum every day. You can also help out by answering questions with your own unique tips and tricks, so feel free to jump in wherever you like.


This is a room dedicated to connecting with other members while we’re experiencing social isolation, quarantine, and “stay at home” life (apart from the people keeping people safe out there – thank you!).