Introduce yourself!

  • Hi, I am Rizky from Indonesia. When I am introducing myself, my name is often mistaken by either risky or whiskey.
  • Now I am living in Tokyo, Japan
  • Jogja and Bali trip to participate in a marathon event.
  • I am way older than I look

Iva, no existing shorter nickname.
Rijeka, Croatia
Carry on 1.0 from Lisabon to Porto 10day trip (and I am a girl who likes shoes… :wink:)


Happy Friday!! My name is Steve and I hike all around the world; Minaal has been and continues to be my go-to for lightpacking and navigating airports. Love to see the new models.



Welcome Steve - happy FriYay!

Hey Iva - welcome. Shoes can be tough when traveling light! Any tips? My wife will thank you.

You might hear this a lot - great name. I like unique names - named my kid Lachlan, which isn’t common here in the US.

You a runner? We have a bit of running banter over here (what marathon did you run?):

Hi, I am new to this group, but a long time Minaal bag user.

  • My name is Art
  • I first became a user (2.0 Carry On) out of Osaka, Japan, where I lived for 4 years. I currently live in Utah (USA). 日本語もできます。とうぞよろしくお願いします。
  • I used to travel a lot for work and occasional play, where I would use my Minaal bag as I try to avoid checking things in and carry-on instead. The bag has been to other parts of Japan, back to the US, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, Sweden, Denmark so far. No favorites - every place I go has something unique and new.
  • I am a product guy and I have been fortunate to test many things (hint hint, Minaal!). Trying to figure out how to make that more of a real gig!

Hi Derek! Lachlan is unique indeed, isn’t it a Scottish name?

Mostly I attended local marathon events in Indonesia. For example, the one in Jogjakarta was called Mandiri Jogja Marathon since Bank Mandiri sponsored the event. The rank of the event is not quite compared the one in Bali, but I can enjoy the sun rise near the Prambanan Temple while running. The one in Bali was called Maybank Bali Marathon, this event is bigger, there are many international runners. I haven’t join any events in Japan.

It has been a while since my last run so I really can not call myself one right now, but I am looking forward to kick start again and maybe I am able to fulfill my goal to do a full marathon.


I’m Eric. Based in Dubai, but travel a lot. Best trip I went back to the States and my bag zipper broke, so Minaal sent me replacement zipper to both the USA and UAE and they both reached on time! Best customer service ever. What you won’t believe is that I am entirely believable.


Welcome! That’s quite a travel list - jealous!

It is Scottish - I’m from a fully Irish(-American) fam, and I just liked the name too much to split hairs on it’s roots. :slight_smile:

Same here on running, I’m really not in long distance shape or mode right now, but hope to do some longer runs in the next year or so.

Glad to hear you got that replacement zipper! Kudos to @h.swenson for that save - she is indeed running a fantastic customer service operation.

  • Greg or Gregory. Named after Gregory Silas a horror novel character concocted by Denis Wheatley.
  • Leeds, England
  • London weekend with my daily carry 2.0. Everything for a lightweight weekend collaborative writing session in one smart package.
  • Musician and Political Economist. For unbelievable see point 1
  • Meg
  • UK :uk:
  • My 1.0 has been everywhere with me. Genuinely can’t pick a winner. Fiji or Japan, Amtraking across the states. It’s all so good.
  • I’m kind of indecisive.

Whoa - named after a horror novel character is really cool. Why that character?

Oh man, Amtraking across the states. Boy oh boy do @jimmhay & @Luke have a story about that.

Drove the PCH from LA. Then Amtrak’d from San Francisco >Chicago>Memphis>New Orleans then :airplane: to Miami. I know Americans complain about Amtrak, but man alive, it was the best time.

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Well, it’s been fascinating and kind of terrifying. Pennsylvania had one of the strictest lockdown policies, which I think has begun to bear fruit, as we’re one of the few states that actually has decreasing Covid infections. However, it’s obviously a long-way from over, and I’m concerned as we start to open we’re going to see spikes.
At the same time, we, as all of the country, have seen the incredible support for Black Lives Matters. Philadelphia has long been the poorest of the large metropolitan areas in the US, and this, as always, falls disproportionately on minority communities. It’s been amazing to watch the support, and the fact that the protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful (except for some right-wing extremists the first weekend). It’s also fascinating that so many areas with the highest level of protests have NOT seen an increase in Covid (apparently caring about other people includes caring about their health!).

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That would e great. Although the absolute best (semi-realistic) case scenario I’ve heard is a vaccine available for mass distribution next Spring. And realistically it’s probably going to be after that. In addition, 70% or more of a population needs to be vaccinated in order to really have protection from the disease. And as we know, much of the world (notably low resource settings) are going to need more time (and support from the rest of the world) in order to vaccinate their populations. So many of the most fun places to travel are likely going to be off limits for…hard to say. A year? Two? more?

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Yes, after the first mile, which is a paved ‘riverwalk’. It’s really nice whether you hike the water portion or not. Highly recommends, but you’ll probably have to fight the crowds unless you stumble on my secret for avoiding them.

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