Escapism In The Quarantine Era

need an outlet for stuff that lightens the mood while confined.

first up, this just clears the dad-joke barrier:

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omg that’s amazing :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Important gummy bear stadium content:

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Someone spent two and a half hours filming an elaborate Marble Olympics. And nearly a million people watched it.

(including me)

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(…before quarantine)


One of my good friends in Denver grew up with Midland’s lead singer, and he just sent this over. A stadium-touring country band covering Joe Exotic in what’s effectively a Zoom call.



LESS CONTROVERSIAL: This is actually a cool resource and could definitely be replicated for other countries. Virtual travel :white_check_mark:

Any place you’d like to ‘virtually’ visit?

big fan of this mic drop moment from you @h.swenson

:joy: :sob:

These stories resemble my first trip abroad (Spain) when I was 19… 2009? Now it’s REALLY hard to imagine what life would be like if I couldn’t book train tickets and a room for the night on my trust device.

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Unrelated: if you’re looking to wean yourself off Amazon during quarantine:

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This video is MADE by Enya.

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wow, some of those stories. a twisted bowel cycling from karachi to kashgar?!

japanese wfh privacy tent includes “weighted corners so small children can’t make it fall down”

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