What's the most unexpected way that quarantine is changing you?

I’m on Day Three of true lockdown here in the UAE, though pseudo-lockdown has been going on for a week or so. Besides the superficial changes to my life (like barely ever going outside, and having zero in-person catch ups), I’ve also noticed some deeper changes - not all of them negative.

Probably the most unexpected change for me is the fact that spending a whole day in my apartment no longer feels like a pathetic failure, or the pinnacle of laziness. It feels like a heroic achievement. And somehow, shedding the angst of “wasting my life” has allowed me to embrace those long days indoors, and make the most of them without feeling guilty.

The weirdest example is that I’ve started… inventing a board game. I don’t even play board games!

What about you guys? Noticing any deeper changes to how you think/feel/behave?


Brains are weird.

We’re not on lockdown here (Tokyo) yet, but lockdown everywhere else is making me value every single second spent outside. Maybe not unexpected, but noticeable.

I am seeing a lot of friends experience that feeling that staying home is a heroic contribution to society, in some cases alongside a bit of cabin fever - especially in the dinnertime hours.

I’ve been quarantined wtih my wife and newborn since March 1st, so it feels like we’re living in the future, haha. We both work from home, too, so we didn’t have quite the same adjustment as our friends and families - and we don’t get quite the same respite because our work is still accessible - with some tangible differences due to the world’s economic conditions.

Anyway, a few observations:

  • Zoom happy hours are flying around! So many small groups clamoring to schedule video chats!
  • We’re trying to draw lines around work/life routines, like actually scheduling dinner breaks. Almost like knowing you can’t leave forces you to set up routines something.
  • Puzzles. We’re doing a puzzle. We’ve never done a puzzle.
  • Working out with friends over video / coordinating challenges is another popular new thing with our friends. We have a week-long workout challenge where the loser buys everyone else a beer. It’s got a points system and everything!
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Leaning in to the amazing people watching here on my street in Paris (I see you Hammock Man).

:open_book: Radical Cities - Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

How often is Hammock Man also Naked Man? That’s the critical multiplier.

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I noticed that I’m opening and watching/reading/listening to things that friends send WAY more than ever before. It’s striking up these interesting connections that I don’t usually feel I have time for.

For example, I rekindled my love for a band called The Starting Line after a convo with @matt.h about 90s emo bands.

Related: if you had to go to a show of one of these bands (at their peak, not now), which would you choose?

Good Charlotte, Rufio, Senses Fail, Brand New, The Hush Sound, The Early November, Saves the Day, The Ataris, Midtown, Sum 41, No Use for a Name, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Plain White T’s, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Allister, The Format, RX Bandits, Bayside, Four Year Strong, Steel Train, Dash Eight, The Almost, Motion City Soundtrack, MxPx, Reel Big Fish, Panic! at the Disco, Mae, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Of All Days, Cartel, Set Your Goals

for sure yellowcard, that violinist shreds

Where is this list from?! I haven’t heard of too many of them, but I did see Panic! probably around their peak and it was pretty great.

I feel like Sum41 would have been really fun back in the day. I would have gotten into that Canadian punk rock mosh pit.

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It feels like it came straight from my stack of burned CDs circa 2005 but it was on one of these band’s Wikipedia pages :slight_smile:

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Reading more long-form journalism in quarantine. This is great and written by Barack Obama’s former deputy national security adviser:

Would love to discuss. Any other longer-form journalism to share? Maybe it’s finally time to get that New Yorker subscription I never had time for :thinking:

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Longform.org is a sweet resource. You end up down some weird rabbit holes but there’s some great stuff in there!


Unsolicited take: Johnny Cash is good pandemic music

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Better than Sum41? :thinking:

I’m all-in for Minaal Radio these days. If we’re not playing it it doesn’t deserve the name of music!

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Online classes! Sundance offering all master classes fo’ free :smiley:


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@matt.h prof could be a good subject!^

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