What's the deal with shipping?

Minaal customer here since 2018 here.

I’m super keen to get the attachable hip pads (to increase the utility of my Carry on 2.0 for hiking/trekking). The only thing holding me back is the shipping cost, which I can’t really justify for the hip pads alone. I unfortunately missed the flash sales, which included free shipping. Would Minaal consider offering one-time free-shipping for loyal customers?

Where on the planet are you? I’ll sell you mine, never been used…

I’m in the UK and the straps are grey.

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Hey Frano!!

I’m in Edinburgh, UK.

Hey @amado.kaya, really sorry for the delayed reply here!

Did you end up getting hip pads from Frano? If not, drop me a line at feedback@minaal.com and I’ll see if I can figure something out :slight_smile: