What we're doing to fight COVID-19 locally: mask covers

Howdy y’all, when the pandemic made its way to my region, I struggled to find a way to help stop the spread beyond practicing social distancing and wearing a mask myself. But then the mask shortage in the US became a huge problem. Local hospitals were rationing N95 masks and requiring medical staff to wear a single mask for days or weeks at a time. They began to fall apart with overuse.

So we decided to make mask covers for doctors. These provide support that extend the usability of the primary N95 mask. They’re washable and more comfortable as well. Another local shop had sewing equipment, so we partnered up and have been cranking out 70-100 masks per day!

We are donating 5% of all revenues to the cause, but we also posted a direct donation page on our site. Our goal was to raise money for 50 masks a week—and we raised the money for 50 masks within hours of launching. The response has been huge and so encouraging. (You can see what we posted here: https://chisos.com/masks )

I’m just sharing this in case some of y’all are looking for ways to help your local community. And I also highly recommend that you wear a mask 100% of the time when you’re out in public. DIY masks from tightly woven cotton make a big difference for your personal protection as well as preventing you from unwittingly spreading the virus.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

(Article about us and other local companies heeding the call: https://www.austinmonthly.com/beloved-austin-companies-are-stepping-up-to-make-covid-19-face-masks/ )


Hey Will, welcome and thanks for sharing - it’s truly incredible how many people are going the extra mile to help the front lines get their hands on the protective equipment they need. I hadn’t seen mask covers yet, though; that’s a clever way to extend the life of the masks people are using.

nice @will – did you use health worker guidance or feedback for the cover concept? or do you have previous experience?

The mask cover patterns are available online and not new to this particular outbreak, so that helped. The hospitals and emergency clinics in Austin have been frantic to get these, asking people in the community to start sewing to help meet the need.