Things you'll do when the world is back to normal

  1. Fly to Sicily and go for a long hike through old villages and farmland.

  2. Get a haircut

  3. Lie face-down on a patch of grass

(in that order)


First 24 hours

10am - Bike ride to Ivry-sur-Seine for an social housing architecture tour; drink a cafe and shake hands with everyone in the Tabac

2pm - Wine/cheese/charcuterie picnic at Parc des Buttes Chaumont

9pm - Dinner at Miznon (falafel) on the Canal @derek @jimmhay

12am - Beers on the canal

3am - Underground warehouse dance party

7am - Gare Saint-Lazare for early train to Normandy

10am - Jump in the English Channel for a swim

Totally just spitballing here.


See my friendddddssssss and drink some mezcal. Then hop on a plane back to my dad’s house in Minneapolis, orchestrate a family road trip to Montana, stay at family friend’s log cabins in the mountains and then maybe never leave.

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First thing, definitely getting a HAIRCUT :haircut_man:

Then take my 1 yo daughter to public playgrounds, when they opened again.

And can’t expect to pack my #Rolltop and stroll through our local Cafés, sit there, drink coffee, listen to music and do things on my laptop.

btw: my favorite Coffee Roasters and Cafés in Cologne, Germany


Welcome Andreas!

I hear ya on the haircut - I gave myself a home-cut trim that only barely counts as ‘acceptable’.

I miss cafés so much.

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@derek you probably need

@onyame i once experienced carnival in cologne, hard to imagine it under lockdown!

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Ahh, cafes, yes please. I think the city I crave the most in all this madness is Istanbul - in normal circumstances it’s basically the opposite of being in lockdown. Compulsory freedom, enjoyment, and fresh sea air. And the cafes in Kadikoy are among the best in the world.


“Moving content online and commissioning artists/cultural practitioners to create new digital content/activities is important but, in my honest opinion, I think we should also use a bit of that money/time/energy/resources to create think tanks/work groups, etc (where we involve institutions, artists, funders, governments and citizens) to discuss structural problems and design solid and long-lasting strategies. We don’t need an over saturation of content/activities as if there is no tomorrow. What we need is a stronger sector.”


KIWIS ARE AN INSPIRATION :wink: :kiwi_fruit:

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Q: Things you’ll do when the world is back to normal?
A: NOT go to an office? :man_office_worker:

“The coronavirus killed corporate culture. Get used to working from home.”

There’s a reason she has the highest popularity rating of any NZ Prime Minister since polls began :slight_smile:

The latest thing she had to deal with was an earthquake during a live TV interview. Did you see that?

I would love to agree that working from home = the death of corporate culture, but sadly I can already see how corporate culture is hijacking the whole concept of WFH. Some of my friends are forced to keep their webcams on all day to make sure they’re being productive in their own houses!

WOW. Terrible. That makes me think that next there’s gonna be a big demand for scarecrow-style dummies that we can set-up in front of our webcams when in WFH situation?? :thinking:

“MINAAL WORK DUMMIES”! Definitely see potential.

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This is seriously messed up.

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See you there :beer:

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Get a haircut!

Travel SOMEWHERE! Would love to go back to Hawaii!

Go to the movies!! I’d be willing to see almost anything, just to get the experience!


oh man. the haircut craving. feeling it.

oh yeah i’m so missing movie theaters - and i have a five month old so everyone told us to see movies before he arrived because it’d be years. little did they know EVERYONE would be unable to see them haha.


Travel the world, and document it in my Youtube channel! i’m making like films about being a Digital Nomad on every city I go to :smiley:

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