Suggestion: Minaal Carry On Luggage?

Dear Minaal Team,

I know most of us are minimalist and travel light. In fact when I have travelled to dozens and dozens of countries with just my Carry On backpack. But for long haul business trips, one normally have a check in baggage/luggage. If you guys make a Minaal style luggage, I will be the first in line to get one! :slight_smile:


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The whole advantage of carryon luggage is to avoid the check in and retrieval process. I hate to say it, but unless my back completely gives out, I’m done checking luggage.


Agree. I’ve traveled all over the world on business and only carry one bag. Never have to worry about losing the bag or not having it arrive with me. It has to fit under the seat even if I use the overhead so I don’t have to gate check either.

It’s all about what you pack and how and if you’re willing to get laundry done. I only need to do that once a week (like at home) so it’s not a huge issue when I’m on the road for more than a week. Even the Minaal’s larger bag is too big for me so it’s the Daily size I use for trips.

But I’m a guy so am not bringing lots of shoes :wink:

The same boat as first comments… I don’t want to check in, and that’s why I love Minaal!


If this happens, the range needs to be called Maxaal.

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Some of us are getting on in years - Minaal carry on with wheels?

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Maxaalllll hahaha. That’s great.

Same with me. Totally finished with checking luggage, even when I travel for months at a time halfway around the world. For business or pleasure. I’ve even gone smaller than my Minaal 2.0 Carry On. I only take my Minaal Daily now. Feeling so free taking lots less stuff.

I’d be on-board the idea of Minaal, or Maxaal luggage. Perhaps a Duffle bag?. Whatever you come up with, please include a luggage sleeve!