Radio Schedule – June 1-6

Note: All shows will be available on-demand 24 hours after they first air. Find them on demand here.

you guys should put together a spotify channel, its a great radio but to listen on the go on my phone not as friendly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Melanie , glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it :slight_smile:

We’re planning to put these up on podcast platforms soon, including a few re-runs of the old shows. That should definitely make the listening experience a bit easier – I’ll let you know here when that happens!

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@Melanie - are you mostly thinking of the music, or the interviews? i.e. a Spotify playlist of the music tracks, or a podcast setup for the interviews?

Hi Jimmy :slight_smile:, I was thinking the music, I have discovered some cool music and its good for while I’m studying.

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Gotcha, thanks! @matt.h can you look into this?


Will do :slight_smile: