Pairing Daily 3.0 with Crossbody

I use the Minaal Crossbody for my essentials and non-laptop EDC, and the Daily 3.0 when I want to bring a laptop.

This means my Daily gets packed with the Crossbody, laptop power adapter pouch and a camera all swimming in the front compartment. It’ll be nice to anchor them instead of having everything in a pile.

How are others dealing with this? What is a good way to carry the Crossbody inside the Daily?

BTW, I found a neat trick to fix the top sagging when the bag isn’t full. I cut a length of curtain wire to the bag’s width, put it in the front pocket, inside the zippered section above the zip, and anchored it with twist ties. Zero damage mod and the front no longer saga! It’s made a huge improvement to the bag’s aesthetic, and should probably be standard in the 4.0.

Now if there was a way to anchor the Crossbody like this.

The trick to prevent a slump: curtain wire.

Neat trick!