Pairing Daily 3.0 with Crossbody

I use the Minaal Crossbody for my essentials and non-laptop EDC, and the Daily 3.0 when I want to bring a laptop.

This means my Daily gets packed with the Crossbody, laptop power adapter pouch and a camera all swimming in the front compartment. It’ll be nice to anchor them instead of having everything in a pile.

How are others dealing with this? What is a good way to carry the Crossbody inside the Daily?

BTW, I found a neat trick to fix the top sagging when the bag isn’t full. I cut a length of curtain wire to the bag’s width, put it in the front pocket, inside the zippered section above the zip, and anchored it with twist ties. Zero damage mod and the front no longer saga! It’s made a huge improvement to the bag’s aesthetic, and should probably be standard in the 4.0.

Now if there was a way to anchor the Crossbody like this.


The trick to prevent a slump: curtain wire.

Neat trick!

Turns out the Crossbody fits into the mesh zippered pocket of the main compartment. It’s a snug fit, but it works, and keeps it from flopping onto lower content.

However, since that pocket doesn’t have 3D volume, it impacts the laptop compartment: anything bulky there gets pushed into the back.

For now I carry it vertically. In briefcase mode it’s on top, with a camera cube and cable pouch behind it. This works for access when the Daily is on a shoulder, although it’s a bit cumbersome because the contents are two zips away. I wish there was a way to anchor it to this position. There are loops for the shirt protector that would have been suitable, but there’s nothing on the Crossbody to clip to.

If I made holes in the Crossbody’s wings and added grommets, would it damage their load bearing function?

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@jackerhack very cool to see the bag mods :slight_smile:

assuming you don’t do it in some funky way I can’t imagine(!), this should be fine as long as it doesn’t breach any edge or stitch. and you thought of what i was going to suggest, which is using couple of karabiners to attach the CB to the shirt protector loops. obviously this increases the effort required to remove the CB from the Daily, but if you care enough about placement, it’s probably your best bet.

let me know if that sparks any ideas or extra questions!