🎧 Musicians: Know any who'd want to do a live set for us?

Live virtual sets on Pirate Radio?

We’d love to bring musicians around the world on to share their music with us. This has become a thing:

Anyone know any musicians we might convince to give us a ‘virtual coffee shop’ performance?

I know an awesome blues musician here in Colorado Springs if you are interested his name is Grant Sabin I can ask him


Hey Jocelyn, welcome! I’m in Denver - I’m listening to Grant rn. Diggin’ it. @jimmhay is our resident master of pirate programming so he should be by in a few hours (he’s on Tokyo timezone).

@Jreeves - thanks for the tip! is this him?

I know a great musician called Gareth Esson based in London ! Have heard him perform multiple times…voice of an angel…burgeoning folk legend. I’m sure he would perform if asked :slight_smile: (@garethesson on Instagram)


I think so he’s super nice they did live stream from distillery 291 this past week.

Jocelyn Reeves


@teomec dig it. @matt.h another solid musician!

@teomec @Jreeves Great suggestions! I’ve added Grant and Gareth to our list. Started listening to them for research, continued listening to them for enjoyment :ok_hand:


I don’t know them personally but these guys are doing an amazing live set right now if you want to tune in. Maybe we should reach out?

Rodrigo y Gabriela -

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Ooh I love these guys! We should totally reach out

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My friend, Lorin Walker Madsen, is an outlaw country musician. He would be happy to play a set for your show! Here is his facebook page that has some clips and livestreams on it so you can see for yourself what he’s all about.


Awesome, solid rec Kate! I’ve made a note of him so we can get in touch when we start doing live sets :ok_hand:

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Howdy from Texas! My friend Gina Chavez had been doing nearly nightly livestream performances for about a month, now doing them every Monday (Loony Lunes, haha) on her Facebook! facebook.com/ginachavezmusic

She’s got some street cred (NPR Tiny Desk show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRZi4QQEGBI) and I think she could be a great fit!


Welcome James!

Um… that is what I’d call “serious cred”. This performance is :fire::fire::fire::fire:.

um. holy moly. that was indeed fire. thanks for the tip @james – please take (hella) note @matt.h

Hey there from Istanbul,
I do Instagram concerts for my stuck at home bored friends :grinning:
I’d be happy to play a couple of tunes if you’d like. Here’s a cover of Black by Pearl Jam from my last Instagram gig.


@aziz welcome! Just saw your post, must have missed the notification!

Black is my favourite Pearl Jam song and your cover is excellent. I’ll drop you a PM about the tunes - would love to set that up :smiley:

I miss Istanbul. Spent a couple of months living in Moda - one of the nicest spots on earth.

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Thanks, Black is my favorite song as well.

Moda is a great place to live, although it’s mostly silent these days.
Hopefully we’ll all be able to travel back to our favorite places soon :slight_smile:

Will reply your PM

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@derek - i see you posted this a couple months ago. is it still a thing? i would have someone great to share with you.

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Indeed! Would love suggestions.