Minaal carry-on 1.0 macbook 16"

Like the title suggests, I have a carry on 1.0 and a macbook 15" – it works great, but the next upgrade I get from work will be the 16" version. I travel a lot, well less so due to the current situation, but i digress. Will the 16" macbook fix inside the laptop pocket or will i have to have it outside, unprotected outside the pocket but inside the compartment. I realize i’m making up these words as I go along, I’m not familiar with the bag lingo.

My definition:

  • compartment: there are 2, one for the docs/laptop/ipad… etc, and one for the clothes
  • laptop pocket: self explanatory, the designated laptop holster/pocket/area


@kingbuzzman – Hey Buzzi! Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting about this in here :slight_smile:

For the original version of the Carry-on (as well as the 2.0), we consider a 15" Macbook Pro to be the largest comfortable fit inside the neoprene DeviceNest (AKA the laptop pocket).

It’s possible that you’d be able to fit a 16" Macbook inside, but it might involve stretching the neoprene somewhat – I’m not sure how easy it would be to squeeze it in and out effortlessly.

In our latest upgrades, the Carry-on 3.0 and Daily 3.0, we made the DeviceNest slightly larger specifically to fit the 16" as easily as your current bag fits the 15".

I hope that helps a little bit – sorry I can’t give a more definitive answer! If your 16" purchase hinges on this question, let me know – I’ll get in touch with the bag designer who should know best.

I use a MacBook Pro 16", and it fits both my Minaals (daily & carry-on 2.0) comfortably.

Before I got the 16" one, I used a 15". They both easily fit.


That makes sense, I suppose I can stretch it, thank you Matt.


No stretch. I have the same situation it’s really not bad at all, and i even use a tight fitting felt sleeve from westerman bags in there with it. Totally fine.

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FWIW, I’ve got the Daily with the new 16 inch and it’s a little tight but not concerned much about it. I’ve got the Daily 2.0 on order and looking forward to delivery.

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