Minaal 3.0 Series Flaws

The back panel is still very flexible and not supportive enough if that day you’re not carrying as much as you usually do. To really be a supportive back, you really need to pack the bags out. If there’s heavy gear like cameras or something else then the bag will not be able to support unless you specifically put straight things on the opposite side of the back panel.

The back panel also still isn’t great if you’re heading to super warm weather and the airflow isn’t as good as channels with mesh back panels.

This is for both Carry on and Daily 3.0. ^^

The water bottle pocket on the Carry on 3.0 still isn’t sturdy and the system still allows taller water bottles to be knocked out easily. Why do we still have the bungee cord there on the 3.0? Something with a heavier elastic would solve this and get rid of the bungee cord. While it’s much better than the Carry on 2.0, there are still improvements to be had.

water bottle pocket.PNG

Daily 3.0

  • The snap closure (when you stow away the straps) is hard to snap close when the bag is fully packed out. If the closure was a strong magnet instead this might be a better solution

  • The laptop organization on the document sleeve needs to be improved by adding zippers to every little organization on it or the items will fall out and spill everywhere in the back “office compartment”

  • I wish the Daily 3.0 would have the zippered pen holder pocket above the document sleeve like the Carry on 3.0.

  • Another forum I started talked about hiding the water bottle pocket on the Daily 4.0 outside the bag for more room in the pack as well as a heavy elastic and a way to keep that pocket open whilst it’s in use

Carry on 3.0

  • Wishing the organization on the document sleeve from the Daily 3.0 was on the Carry on 4.0 with zippers to keep everything secured. While also keeping the zippered pen sleeve above the document folder. The document sleeve would be better for both the Carry on 3.0 and Daily 3.0 if that sleeve was zippered and not clipped.

Yeah, I’ve gone back and forth between the Daily 3.0 and the Peak Design Everyday 20L 1.0 a few times. The Minaal is lighter and more comfortable to carry, but the PD is nicer for getting things in and out of.

I’m more bothered than I expected by the lack of external water bottle pockets. I’ve tried strapping one on, but it swings too much. The bag is generally floppy and doesn’t stand up. The upper mesh pouch in the main compartment has nice volume and is where I carry my headphones and power adapter and cables, but apart from that everything accumulates at the bottom. I’m considering stitching in more mesh pockets, and lining the front panel with curtain wire to give it structure.