Laptop Compartment Organisation 4.0s

So my issue with the new 3.0 and my current 2.0, is that the document sleeve isn’t zippered (on both carry on & daily 3.0 versions) and neither are the pockets on the sleeve. Also I was hoping to see the zippered pen pouch above the document sleeve on the Daily 3.0.

But perhaps making the document sleeve vertical instead of horizontal would make accessing it easier. Of course adding the zippered document sleeve, replacing the clip and adding the zippered pockets on the document sleeve + zippered pencil pouch on Both the carry on 4.0 and Daily 4.0s.

I wonder if there’s a way to make the bag less flimsy feeling when there’s barely anything packed into it. Goes for both carry on and daily. It tends to kind of fold over the top half to the bottom because of it dropping on it’s own weight.

Also for the Daily 4.0, is it odd to want 3d pockets instead of the flat like the carry on 2.0 and 3.0s?

I have a friend who bought the Carry-On & Daily 3.0 and I have gotten to look and use it a few times.

The Daily 3.0 doesn’t snap in the back very well when it’s fully packed out. So maybe instead of having a snap closure, make it a magnetic closure.

If somehow the weight of the tare of the bags could decrease a little bit, using a lighter and durable material inside the pack that would be awesome. A nice light blue, or light colour other than yellow inside of the pack would be interesting to see what are in the packs better.

Would be lovely to see a navy blue colour or some other colours added as well, but of course its just aesthetics.

Otherwise, this pack line is nearly perfect.

From the Daily 1.0 version