Kiwi scouring the interwebs to find a Minnal Carry-On before my nomadic venture

G’day :wave:,

I’m Gideon a 20yo software developer bootstrapping little SaaS companies.

I’m flying out of New Zealand to Indonesia on the 19th to start my digital nomad journey and really keen to go Carry-On only and have just come across Minaal carry-on.

Found out @jimmhay & Doug are kiwi founders but unfortunately not selling in NZ.
Anyone know where I can get one in New Zealand before I fly out>

Really appreciate any help, cheers!

Hi Gideon,
I have a brand new one - it’s 3.0 and unlike you, I don’t expect to be using it for a while. I am in La Palma, Canary Islands. If you can find out about shipping it to you from here, I can sell you mine and buy another. Might be pushing it to get it by the 19th, but worth the investigation to find out about cost and speed of FedEx worldwide or whatever.
Awesome brand new bag… let me know.

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Hi Gideon,

I have a Carry-on 2.0 that has rarely been used so in fairly pristine condition, and a daily 2.0 that has been used but is still in very good condition. No plans to go anywhere in near future, and I use the minaal roll-top (which is an awesome bag, btw) for daily use at the mo, so either or both are yours if you want - make me an offer :slight_smile: I can replace/upgrade when the time is right. Happy to send photos for your inspection prior. I am in New Zealand.

Cheers! but unfortunately not sure it will get here in time :confused: Appreciate it!

Perfect Adrienne! Where abouts are you based in NZ?

Hi Gideon, I’m based in Palmerston North. A.

Could you please PM me your contact details. Cheers.