Introduce yourself!

  • Brad
  • Atlanta, GA USA
  • I traveled through Nepal and Bhutan for almost three weeks with only my 2.0. I got to meditate in a cave in a monastery with hundreds of years of history.


I’m a physician (pediatrician and internal medicine). I have an interest in Global Health, and have spent time practicing in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Haiti, Eswatini and Uganda.

I also spent two years as a traveling doctor (typically week long assignments) where I would travel with only my Minaal 2.0 Carry On. I’m currently working in Philadelphia, and obviously haven’t been traveling much, so haven’t had much use for it recently. But I am working on projects (virtually) in the Dominican Republic and Botswana, so if Covid ever dies down, I’m hopeful to be able to get out there and travel once again!

Like everyone, I’m always looking for the next big thing. So I’m constantly looking for a bag that will be better than my Minaal…and I keep not finding one. (although maybe now there will be…Minaal 3.0!) Thanks again to the team for such amazing products.

  • Hullo hullo! I’m Coyote.

  • Right now I’m in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Last year I spent the entire year traveling every day with the Minaal Daily. I work with Leo Babauta, an awesome nomad and friend of Jimmy’s (hi Jimmy, we’ve never met but I’ve heard about you often), and he told me about it. He gave me the advice to pick the bag first when going on a trip, then just fit what you can fit into it, and recommended the Daily. So I got it and fell in love. I call him (the Daily) “Jack, the Pack”. So all year it was just me 'n Jack, we traveled all over North America. I took just Jack (the Daily) to Mexico to the awesome village of Yelapa, accessible only by boat, for a couple of weeks - that’s my favorite way to travel. I feel the happiest when it’s just Jack and I walking through the world! I’m still on my nomadic trip, I just have stayed in Boulder for the last six months, a great spot to be in for the pandemic. Now I’m off again, just gave notice at my apartment and taking off in 25 days for the mountains of Colorado. Then me and Jack (the Pack) are heading out to cross the country again and going to Vermont, going to live in an intentional Buddhist community there, at a retreat center, coaching and writing from my laptop, which Jack will carry there safely. Looking forward to SO MUCH SNOW!

  • Well, something that people inside or outside this group wouldn’t believe? Outside… that I paid $250 for a backpack, and that I am absolutely in love with it, and that his name is Jack, and we’re best friends and travelmates for ever.
    Inside this group, hmm that’s harder - the only time I’ve ever been in Carneige Hall was when I was singing on stage.


That is a really amazing story. Thank you for sharing that.

Welcome! That meditation sounds pretty incredible.

Welcome! Would love your perspective on COVID in Philly (and elsewhere) considering your background and experience (no pressure) - we’ve been sharing local updates here:

Might not have to wait for Covid to die down. If they come up with an effective vaccine… you could just get the shot and a vaccine certificate and most countries would probably accept the certificate… like they do for Yellow Fever vaccination now.

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Haha amazing post. Jealous of your 25 day mountain hang - I’m in Denver and we’re looking for something similar, somewhat remote housing up there but enough wifi power to let work happen.

Good point on the fact that folks don’t always get how a premium backpack can be so solid that you consider it a ‘friend’. :slight_smile: Jack is a great backpack name, and I can’t even peg why.

You’re welcome Derek… happy you liked it. Before Minaal… in 2013, I traveled with an M.E.I. Voyageur convertible backpack to southeast Asia on a four month trip to the mountains of north west Thailand… 45 - 48 litre bag… too much. And the airlines made me check it every time.
Moving down to my Minaal Carry On 2.0 for my last trip of two months to Cambodia and Thailand in 2017 was great, Never had to check it even once.
Now I will get to go even more minimalist with the new Daily 3.0 I ordered… (I also have the last model of Daily but haven’t taken it on a trip yet. I’ll sell it to a friend.)
I became Buddhist at a Khmer Krom Theravada Buddhist temple. I spend lots of time at temples in Cambodia and Thailand.
I’m 68… Had quadruple cardiac artery bypass surgery last year. On pump for more than two hours. Came close to death. A real wake up that we aren’t here forever. I have to try to make the most of the time I have left now. And always do good.
Hoping for a safe effective vaccine for Covid virus soon… Wishing everyone safe flights and happy travels.
Thank you Team Minaal.


Hi All,

  • I’m Garrett
  • Currently in Seattle, WA.
  • My favorite trip with my 2.0 was to Seattle, WA. I got the bag 2 months before lockdown, and my trip to NZ was canceled. I drove up to Washington as California was putting lockdown into place.
  • I had this horribly wild imagination telling me there would be military force blocking me from crossing state borders. Guess I was overly optimistic on how complete a lockdown would happen in the US to stop the spread, and under-estimated the level of force proposed to stop peaceful protests.

Hi Folks,

I’m Josh - AKA “Ti Tet” which is Haitian Creole for “little head.” Yes, I am cursed with an unusually small noggin.

Currently I live and work in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Prior to that lived in Seattle, Washington for 10 years, and spent much of my time traveling in the Caribbean, Central America, and the Southwestern United States.

My most memorable trip with a Minaal bag was probably last February, when I was still living in Seattle and I was called upon to make an emergency trip to Haiti to assist a team of Americans there. I got the call in the late morning, was on a red eye that night, and by the next afternoon I had made the long 6 hour drive through rugged dirt roads to the Haitian coastal city of Jeremie. My Carry On 2.0 combined with the Minaal packing cubes made the luggage part of my trip a breeze. I was able to help get the group on track, and I had a great few days with my Haitian friends in Jeremie, which included a night out on the town for my birthday consisting of lots of Haitian Prestige beer.

I’ve been doing 1 bag travel as part of my work since 2009, but I didn’t get my Minaal Carry On 2.0 until 2017. Oh how I wished I’d had a bag like that all those years. I love it, and I have a Daily 2.0 that I ordered earlier this year waiting for me at my sister-in-law’s house. Still don’t have it because of the Covid travel lockdown, but I’ll get it eventually.

Something you wouldn’t believe … I once chatted up a powerful Voodoo priest in Haiti during the week of his wife’s funeral (I was told that she died because he made a deal with the devil) and he offered to sell me a zombie. That is 100% true.


So you clearly own a zombie. Dope!

I’m cursed with an unusually large noggin. Grass is always greener!!


Naturally, I couldn’t turn down a deal. Quite the souvenir.

  • Hi, I am Rizky from Indonesia. When I am introducing myself, my name is often mistaken by either risky or whiskey.
  • Now I am living in Tokyo, Japan
  • Jogja and Bali trip to participate in a marathon event.
  • I am way older than I look

Iva, no existing shorter nickname.
Rijeka, Croatia
Carry on 1.0 from Lisabon to Porto 10day trip (and I am a girl who likes shoes… :wink:)


Happy Friday!! My name is Steve and I hike all around the world; Minaal has been and continues to be my go-to for lightpacking and navigating airports. Love to see the new models.



Welcome Steve - happy FriYay!

Hey Iva - welcome. Shoes can be tough when traveling light! Any tips? My wife will thank you.

You might hear this a lot - great name. I like unique names - named my kid Lachlan, which isn’t common here in the US.

You a runner? We have a bit of running banter over here (what marathon did you run?):

Hi, I am new to this group, but a long time Minaal bag user.

  • My name is Art
  • I first became a user (2.0 Carry On) out of Osaka, Japan, where I lived for 4 years. I currently live in Utah (USA). 日本語もできます。とうぞよろしくお願いします。
  • I used to travel a lot for work and occasional play, where I would use my Minaal bag as I try to avoid checking things in and carry-on instead. The bag has been to other parts of Japan, back to the US, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, Sweden, Denmark so far. No favorites - every place I go has something unique and new.
  • I am a product guy and I have been fortunate to test many things (hint hint, Minaal!). Trying to figure out how to make that more of a real gig!