Introduce yourself!

Welcome! Introduce yourself!

We have some new forum members today, so I thought it’d be nice to have a place where we all introduce ourselves. Tell us a little bit about yourself in this post:

  • Your first name, or nickname, or code name (for the spies)
  • Where are you in the world (or the universe, for the astronauts)?
  • What was your favorite trip with a Minaal bag?
  • Tell us one thing about you that we won’t believe.
  • Luke – my parents cruelly imposed a monosyllabic name on me all I get are the regional European alt spellings (Luc, Luka, etc)
  • Paris, FR
  • Amtrak trip from Emeryville to New York. Derek, Jimmy and Doug are going to be pissed I claimed the cross country train story glory first.
  • I’ve taken Amtrak
  • Hannah - in Mexico I am strictly Ana, cuz “H” makes no sound here.
  • Saludos de la Ciudad de México!
  • OOH! Backpacking South America. Colombia all the way down to Chile with my dear 2.0.
  • I live on Chihuahua Street. :dog:
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  • Anthony, tagged as ag_spicyfood on IG
  • From Paris, but my colleagues think I live in Asia and come to Paris only sometimes to work a little bit
  • I use my 2.0 for most of my travel - who said you cannot be stylish and minimalist ?
  • I’ll say nothing more you will never trust me !
  • Andrew
  • Currently Montreal, QC
  • Has to be African Photo Safari with my wife, for 2 weeks, carry on only with 2 cameras, tripods, lenses and lots of other kit all carry on only with 2 Co’s, 1 daily and 1 camera bag (see my note on what I want to see you make someday). Way over the weight limit, but the bags kept it stealth and nothing was checked on the whole trip.
  • I think I may have given your company one of the most surprising stories of how important the time Minaal gear saves truly is.
  • Matt

  • Dubai, sadly.

  • Only once in my life have I travelled with nothing but a Daily. It was a two-week trip in Romania at the height of summer. Perhaps my favourite moment was taking a night train to the town of Sighetu Marmatiei, in the remote northern region of Maramures. The train arrived at dawn, and I simply stepped onto the platform and started walking through the countryside past the haystacks to a village called Breb, where Prince Charles owns several houses. Because I had nothing but a Daily, it was easy to make a detour to scale a peak called Creasta Cocosului (Rooster’s Crest) on the way. A shortage of clean clothes is a price worth paying for absolute freedom.

  • When I was 18, I got lost in a snowstorm 4,500m up in the Himalayas. Luckily, I met a yak herder who pointed me back to the path.

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An African safari is one way I’d always wanted to use my Minaal gear. My kid might need to get a little older but high on the list.

OMG I love ‘my colleagues think I live in Asia’ - that is brilliant. Paris is big, but any worry about running into them accidentally?

“taken Amtrak” more like “I’m Amtrak’s biggest fan.”

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  • Derek / DShan
  • Denver, CO - love it here
  • Portugal for nearly 3 weeks with the 2.0 and Daily. A big chunk of that trip was my honeymoon, and it was long enough to really get comfortable in Lisbon, a city I’d go back to in a heartbeat.
  • I lived on a couch for almost a year after I started my first startup, because we couldn’t pay ourselves and barely had enough money to buy enough food.
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Macario, Spain, going trough Virginia State, you should believe I’m a secret agent

  • josh
  • Arizona
  • Yellowstone & Grand Tetons
  • I accidentally hiked The Narrows in Zion

First Name: Robert …68 years old. Have to travel while I still have my strength and health. Getting older now.

Right Now I’m In: Canada close to Niagara Falls.

Favourite Trip With Only My Minaal 2.0 Carry On: Cambodia (Siem Reap) and Thailand (Bangkok) for two months in 2017.

My Minaal 2.0 was all the luggage I needed. I’m going to go even smaller
now with long term southeast Asian trips with only my new Minaal Daily.
My Tuk Tuk driver in Siem Reap invited me to meet his family and his father’s family out in a village far from the city. I went out there with him and it was a poverty stricken village… everyone living in shacks… often no toilet… hand pumps for water to wash with. I got invited to stay with them for a while… and ended up living with them for six days… sleeping in their shack… sharing their food. Got dental treatment for some of the family at a clinic… and helped them put in a squat toilet. The parents and kids sort of adopted me. Kept going out to the village and visiting them while I was in Siem Reap. Very poor, but very wonderful people. I’ll be returning to them when I can. When I had to return to Canada they were in tears. My driver continues to keep in touch with me. They all want me back.
I’m a minimalist, one bag, carry on traveler. It’s great not having to check baggage, pay extra baggage fees and lug around lots of stuff you don’t really need. Wonderful to breeze through security, and just carry it on the plane… throwing it in the overhead or under the seat… and then just pick up and go… no waiting at carousels and wondering if your luggage got lost or broken into. Very happy I discovered minimalism… and Minaal really helps us minimalists… Thank you to Team Minaal.


Welcome secret agent!

I’ve heard about the Narrows - you have to hike in the river, right?

  • Brad
  • Atlanta, GA USA
  • I traveled through Nepal and Bhutan for almost three weeks with only my 2.0. I got to meditate in a cave in a monastery with hundreds of years of history.


I’m a physician (pediatrician and internal medicine). I have an interest in Global Health, and have spent time practicing in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Haiti, Eswatini and Uganda.

I also spent two years as a traveling doctor (typically week long assignments) where I would travel with only my Minaal 2.0 Carry On. I’m currently working in Philadelphia, and obviously haven’t been traveling much, so haven’t had much use for it recently. But I am working on projects (virtually) in the Dominican Republic and Botswana, so if Covid ever dies down, I’m hopeful to be able to get out there and travel once again!

Like everyone, I’m always looking for the next big thing. So I’m constantly looking for a bag that will be better than my Minaal…and I keep not finding one. (although maybe now there will be…Minaal 3.0!) Thanks again to the team for such amazing products.

  • Hullo hullo! I’m Coyote.

  • Right now I’m in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Last year I spent the entire year traveling every day with the Minaal Daily. I work with Leo Babauta, an awesome nomad and friend of Jimmy’s (hi Jimmy, we’ve never met but I’ve heard about you often), and he told me about it. He gave me the advice to pick the bag first when going on a trip, then just fit what you can fit into it, and recommended the Daily. So I got it and fell in love. I call him (the Daily) “Jack, the Pack”. So all year it was just me 'n Jack, we traveled all over North America. I took just Jack (the Daily) to Mexico to the awesome village of Yelapa, accessible only by boat, for a couple of weeks - that’s my favorite way to travel. I feel the happiest when it’s just Jack and I walking through the world! I’m still on my nomadic trip, I just have stayed in Boulder for the last six months, a great spot to be in for the pandemic. Now I’m off again, just gave notice at my apartment and taking off in 25 days for the mountains of Colorado. Then me and Jack (the Pack) are heading out to cross the country again and going to Vermont, going to live in an intentional Buddhist community there, at a retreat center, coaching and writing from my laptop, which Jack will carry there safely. Looking forward to SO MUCH SNOW!

  • Well, something that people inside or outside this group wouldn’t believe? Outside… that I paid $250 for a backpack, and that I am absolutely in love with it, and that his name is Jack, and we’re best friends and travelmates for ever.
    Inside this group, hmm that’s harder - the only time I’ve ever been in Carneige Hall was when I was singing on stage.