🤩 Interviews: Who should we interview?

Who should we interview?

These are interesting times, and we’d love to bring interesting folks onto the broadcast. Got ideas? Drop 'em below and we’ll do our best to find great guests!

Some ideas: Health workers on the front lines (during any off time, if they get any of that). Creatives who are adjusting in unique ways to “stay at home”. Psychologists.

Add suggestions below.

Use this format so we can move fast if we want to try and secure guests!

Who: Specific person or type of person(s)
Why: A bit about why you think they’d be interesting.
Connection: Do you have a connection we might use to connect with this person/type of person?

Health professionals/researchers/people who predicted that a pandemic like this could happen, who tried to get governments to listen and prepare, and what the response, if any, was to their concerns - a la Dennis Quaid in Day after Tomorrow. No connection for this one.

Public Health Psychiatrist in NZ working at a hospital. I’ve got a connection.


Let’s talk travel. I’d love to hear a conversation about travel, post-virus… and/or traveling in a fearful world: etiquette, smart tips, best Anthony Bourdain-type places to eat. As a guy who’s taken my Minaal 1.0 bag halfway around the world and a few places in between, I’d love to hear from other travelers about how we navigate our next adventures.

As I mention in my latest IG post: we are not promised tomorrow, so say Yes to adventure while you can! Travel Post


Hey Alexandra, welcome! Great suggestions. We’ve been working our networks to connect with health pros - the take from someone who was warning ahead of time is an interesting angle.

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Hey Dylan, welcome!

We’re pretty keen to explore travel and how it’ll evolve, adjust, and stay the same from here - and we talk a lot about how the Minaal community probably has a ton of “Anthony Boudain-type insights” stored up that cover every corner of the globe.

We’ve even discussed using a dedicated forum room for insights and tips like that - what do you think?

A dedicated forum for that sounds like a great idea to me. Especially for you, your product focus. Definitely something you SHOULD own, IMO. For guests, my friend, John McCollum comes to mind. He’s my Anthony Bourdain in real life. A wildly intelligent guy and passionate about the charity he founded over 15 years ago: https://asiashope.org I traveled with him last year for a month. And of course, took my Minaal 1.0 through three countries. John’s been to Southeast Asia over 30 times and loves moving fast, eating dirty and celebrating humans of every kind.

I’ve been reflecting on that trip today: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-MrdjBA_v8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link And sorry… that’s NOT my Minaal in the shot, but a very compact camera bag. :slight_smile:


Hi, definitely would like to hear about how we as travellers and non-travellers will need to change/adapt/discover travel habits and methods in the wake of Covid-19/climate change/isolationism. Guy McPherson has a grave take on climate change: https://guymcpherson.com/
I love the world, love travelling but fear for the future… Would like to hear some positive thoughts on low carbon transport/pollution mitigation/over crowding/plastic recycling from around the world.


Love this radio show idea! I’m nominating myself to be a guest on your show for three reasons:

  1. My line of work is all about helping people build their body to be unbreakable so that they can live the life of their dreams. This includes fixing old aches so they’re not a bother, getting strong so you can do fun stuff in whatever destination you’ve traveled to or set up shop with a 3 month visa in, and getting appropriately fit so you can do all your bucket list stuff.
  2. I have traveled a nice bit myself so could pull up a good story or two.
  3. I am willing to wear an eye patch during my visit to the show, no one would see it because this is radio, but, it’s the thought that counts.

Thank you for considering :slight_smile:


Hey Sam, welcome! I think we’ll definitely explore how this pandemic and other global factors might affect travel habits - and due to the nature of our work I think we’re all pretty optimistic about how it could evolve as folks around the world become more attuned to the ways we’re connected.

This pandemic feels like the first truly global ‘shock experience’, so I think the aftermath will be very unique.

Hey Kate, welcome! Love the self-nomination, and your work area - has it been an adjustment these last few weeks as the world locks down? I’m noticing people really focusing on home fitness, in some cases people who didn’t even work out when we could go to gyms!

The guest eye patch is a very compelling idea… :laughing: :pirate_flag:

Hi Derek! Thank you for the welcome! It has been an odd adjustment, to be sure. I’ve seen the fitness fanatics stocking up on programs and workouts, almost compulsively so.

And I’ve seen the newbie fitness-er who is taking action to get started but is hung up by stuff that, I think, most of us experienced fitness folks forget about, like, “how do you squeeze your butt muscle?” <-- actual question I got from a friend’s mom who bought a program. (How awesome is it that she was brave enough to ask that and not feel embarrassed or anything)

I see this all as a great opportunity to serve better than ever before and I just love that more folks are not letting the fact that they don’t have a gym stop them from taking care of their health and fitness.


It is nice to know folks are sort of using this as a forcing function to get over the hump on health/fitness. My buddy hadn’t run in like 8 years and has gone on two jogs this week.

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is this THE Alexandra?! regardless - mind privately sending me name/details of the psych?

all great stuff, thanks @mistermenges . tagging @matt.h for idea triage!

this resonates, thanks @samleary0 . @matt.h saskia rysenbry could be a good candidate on this topic - can you put in the pipeline for consideration?

haha, strong pitch and there are definitely ways to verify the patch. again @matt.h pls add to pipeline! we’ll triage and get back to you @heyk8


I have a connection at Johns Hopkins, Tatiana Prowell . She’s been tweeting since February @tmprowell. She’s a breast cancer specialist, her husband is a Navy officer who’s an infectious disease doctor. He’s been in Haiti after the hurricanes and other hot spots around the world. In addition, she’s dynamic, funny, and well spoken. She’s often a featured speaker for medical conferences. You can tell her I nominated her and I’m happy to do connections via email.

They’ve been raising the flag for self isolation long before it was a thing. In fact it was a post by Tatiana on FB that flipped me from, “Eh, it’s no big deal” to Stay the Fuck Home.

Also, they often travel the world based on where they can hitch a ride on a Navy cargo plane. So lots of travel tips for a family with three youngish kids hopping around the world.


Hi Christie, welcome! That’s such a fantastic recommendation and connection - @matt.h will add to his list and touch base!

@ckim71 echoing derek’s message - this is gold, thank you

Your pirate radio is such a fun, different, yet meaningful idea. I respect how you’re trying to pivot and create meaning and connection in a crazy time.

Christie Kim


Thanks so much, that means a lot. Crazy times indeed!