I flew to Sayulita, Mexico with Minaal 3.0 Carry-on, Daily and accessories. Here's my review.

The combo is great for digital nomads as is so easy to change from traveling mode to coffee shop. so I flew to Sayulita, Mexico from the US. I moved around different apartments using constantly both of the backpacks. I can finally share my review, and explain you how I use it:

Here’s my video that explains it better

If you prefer written, let’s start with the overall thoughts:

  • The combo is great for digital nomads as is so easy to change from travelling mode to coffee shop mode
  • Design wise, both look awesome —between professional and stylish
  • The new (Picton) fabric is really nice, the dust (and sand as I’m on the beach) goes away very easily so it stays clean all the time
  • If you liked the minaal 2.0, there are not many differences
  • Both have the same raincover, it’s nice to have just in case


  • It’s spacious enough but might small for some people (especially coming from the PK design backpack)
  • It’s easy to open when fully loaded, but better use pouches for everything if you want smooth opening/closing
  • I love the weight is handled with the shoulder straps lever
  • The water bottle holder is great but when it’s fully loaded is a bit hard to put it in
  • Double upper compartment is great! i use one for the toiletry kit if in the airport is needed to take out
  • It’s maximum size keeps me sure that any airport will accept this bag as a carry-on
  • The only downside I’m having so far, is that with a very loaded backpack, the straps aren’t comfortable but not sure if it is because I’m not adjusting it that well.

Hip pads:

  • Small add-on for the carry-on that I believe it’s worth it.
  • You can still hide them along the shoulder straps


  • It’s my favorite daily bag of all time (I tried a few like AER go)
  • Love how compact it is when compressed down and opens wide to put my stuff in pouches fast and easy
  • I take this bag everywhere: coffee shop, hiking, beach, gym
  • Downsides will be that water bottle holder is a bit small, and for heavy loads it gets a bit uncomfortable

Packing cubes:

  • They are great, tho I believe are the same 2.0 version
  • Don’t compress, simple but designed to fit both carry-on or daily


  • Got the small one as i’m forcing myself to travel with less, but love the size especially if we compared to the PK tech pouch
  • The separators are nice, but I took them out to dump everything inside
  • Mesh area is nice for the small accesories

Shirt protector:

  • I’m using the first version but works very well to avoid wrinkles
  • Love how easy to accomodate on the carry-on bag

So overall I’m very happy with the combo. I used to have the PK Design Travel Backpack and while it was more spacious, it was heavier and I just like that Minaal forces to be more minimal. I’m very happy with the aesthetic of both bags.

And how I can easily take out the Daily, put my digital nomad office kit on it and ready to check any place.


well done on the video, @sergiosala … that’s a hell of an effort! am sure others will find it useful as well.


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thanks curtis!

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Watched your vid on youtube and so happy you reviewed it bc nobody else has yet!