How to remove the back cover with minimum damage?

I just received my 3.0 Carry-on. I’ve been wanting one since the first kickstarter (V1).
Love the bag, it has all the space I want, super minimalist, beautiful, but it’s not so comfortable to carry because of the the back cover, the one that you can close with the zipper so that the shoulder straps will be hidden.

Now, I didn’t expect this. I never intended to use that cover, I will carry it as a backpack 99.9% of the time, and if I carry it as a bag I don’t mind the shoulder straps dangling there. I would prefer not to, but certainly not at the cost of everyday comfort.

So, I tried all the different adjustments, basically there’s 2 problems:

  1. the zipper path at the bottom keeps pressing my lower back, and it’s a metal uncomfortable thing, and
  2. At the top, the rolled up cover makes a bump that pushes the shoulder straps a little forward and it feels weird.

It’s not super discomfortable, but enough that I want to change it. I tried folding the zipper path outward, it sort of works, but for the bump from the cover I found no solution.

So I’m thinking in cutting the whole thing off. My concern is, how do I do it properly, without leaving ugly threads?
I was thinking of cutting it with a good scissors and then burning any loose thread. Anyone has a better solution or idea?

I obviously want to do the least amount of damage. I’m also considering taking it to a seamstress and see if she can do it. Any thoughts?

@fmoitta First off - so happy to have you on board after 7 years!

Before I jump in to help, are you able to upload a photo or two here showing exactly how you’re storing the strap cover? I want to first make sure everything is in its intended spot. If you can’t upload here, feel free to send the photos over to feedback [at] minaal [dot] com and we’ll handle it there!

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It’s where it’s supposed to be, rolled up and tucked inside. With the bag completely full and the load lifters a little looser, this bump becomes less of a problem.
For the zipper line, I tried turning it outwards, it does work for a while, but it seems to force the back panel and it’s certainly not a permanent solution. Again, with a full bag it becomes less of a problem, but with less stuff inside it still is noticeable against my skin.

@fmoitta thanks, it does look like it’s packed properly, especially in the final photo.

i haven’t heard of these issues before, but given what you describe & the desire to remove the feature, i agree the seamstress path is likely best – if helpful, I’m happy to look over their recommendation before you commit to the work, to make sure it won’t compromise the integrity of the bag.

let me know how you get on! if anyone else has this issue it’d be great to have a proven solution.

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for a less permanent solution to the zippers issue, one can try Gaffers tape and tape down the zippers so it’s less abrasive. I don’t normally wear bags without a shirt on so I have not tested this myself, but Gaffers should be similar to duct tape without the messy residue you get when you remove