HACK REPORT! Projects from Quarantine

What’re you working on?

Got any new projects, certifications, concepts, or pitches in-the-works during lockdown? New life hacks? Are you baking sourdough (why is everyone baking sourdough?!)?

:computer: :art: :brain:

We’ve always been blown away by the creativity and craft in the Minaal community – hop in here and share your professional milestones and/or personal projects.

Note: can be cool projects from before lockdown too!

Pics encouraged!

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I’m part of a creative co-op which recently curated, wrote and produced its first zine:

Violence By Design:
Resisting Carceral Logic – for Architects & Designers

For me, it was a totally new format + audience so it was a massive learning experience in terms of audience (architects and designers) and subject matter (prison system).

We partnered with another publication called The Funambulist and were able to distribute x650 copies of Violence By Design to their subscribers. Also were able to secure deals with independent bookstores in Chicago, Paris and Berlin to carry our publication. Most of this took place during quarantine so it felt amazing to have a challenging project to tackle in the midst of such a strange and uncertain moment!

this is not a plug but if interested, anyone can buy a copy of Violence By Design online for 5 € with free shipping worldwide :slight_smile:


Love it @Luke! Curious to hear how this project assembled during lockdown? What was your contribution to the project and are you going to make more zines in the future? (I love zines!!)

I believe I’ve shared about this in another channel but during lockdown I started a mutual aid project in Mexico City (where I’m living right now). We’ve coordinated grocery deliveries for 400+ families in the city, coordinated creative projects in collaboration with local street vendors, run a successful crowdfunding campaign (with another on the way!) and assembled 50+ volunteers who are collaborating on some truly great work across the city.

You can dig more into the project here:

Also sharing a story from English news-media here in Mexico that makes me go :grimacing::


It had been coming together for several months but the timing of the lockdown was huge in getting the mental space to finish the writing! I wrote and edited parts of the content (much of it is curated material) and carried approximately 278 copies to the post office :sweat_smile:

Future zines may happen!!

Haha! Amazing feats all around :mailbox_with_mail: Congrats on a great project @Luke!

Makes me think of a really great art doc on prisons called “Prison in Twelve Landscapes” that might pique your interest -

Consisting of twelve short vignettes, the film explores the social impact of the prison–industrial complex in the United States through various angles, including a former industrial town in Kentucky which is now dependent on a federal penitentiary for local employment, a community park which was constructed solely to prevent registered sex offenders from being able to move into the local halfway house, and a man who runs a business selling items to family members of prisoners for inclusion in care packages.[2]

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Yes and thanks for asking!

First of all, I am baking bread and making tamales and potstickers left and right. I’ve also been making socca, which is gluten-free and super easy to make. My pantry is in great shape thanks to discovering nuts.com.

I’ve run a web marketing agency since 2002. For a good long time, my wife and I were digital nomads, and we had a great time meeting up with Doug in Saigon for dinner.

We’ve just launched an online Store for a suite of a la carte SEO & Content Strategy Roadmaps. It’s geared towards micro businesses that just need some help with monthly content strategy, on up to large corporations that want to plug in some expertise and research to their content development process.

If anyone wants to give it a go, here’s a 20% off coupon through the end of May. Just use the code: MINAAL0520

If you’re with a non-profit organization, get in touch, as we have a limited number of orders we can comp!

Thanks much for readin’. Stay safe and healthy out there.


Super cool to hear about this @tribalcore! Thanks so much for sharing :smile: I’d trust your marketing skillz if you’ve been in the biz since 2002! That’s awesome,. I don’t think I even had a computer then!! :laughing: Great to hear about your cooking skillz too! :man_cook: Our guests on the latest Business Time radio show mentioned that dried grains, rice, and bread machines are in the top 5 fastest growing e-commerce offerings – I imagine nuts.com might also fit in there too :wink:

@h.swenson lol, i got my first computer in 1980, but was playing pong in 1975 or so. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Straight up OG. I usually say “I was in college during Napster” to peg my nerd roots but pong in '75 is reaaaaallllll.


Which means you had internet in college. must have been nice! UCLA '94

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This does look pretty entertaining :laughing: :wink:


Well I did move on to the Atari 2600 playing amazing games (in color!) like Pitfall:

But it was Loderunner on our IBM PC Portable (aka The Luggable because it was 40 pounds) that blew my mind:

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Love it! I think my first game ever was Duke Nukem :smile:

Super cool to see projects (& game memories… mine was Double Dragon)

My only quarantine project has been a newborn – which means I’m a full-time sleep hacker :slight_smile:

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New hack! Free permaculture course online – super cool platform :sunflower:


(for those who want to expand on their quarantine garden :wink:)

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Can the course handle the search term “how to create garden on 5sqm balcony”?

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