Giveaway: Your first post-quarantine journey

Congrats on finishing school!

I hear ya on the parents risk factors - we’re nervous about potentially trying to see them later this year and being the ones who get them sick. My mom is a high risk, but she’d also be devastated if that was the reason we didn’t see her / she couldn’t see her grandkid. Ugh.

Jeeeeez that photo is insane. I have to see Switzerland.

Wow. How long does that take??

Another runner! We have a lot of runners in this forum. I’ve heard runs at Disney are great - I looked into the marathon there.

Where: Taiwan

Why: I am getting married this summer, but a lot of my family from Taiwan will not be able to make it due to the Covid risk here (Taiwan is doing such an amazing job of containing the spread!) My fiance and I wanted to celebrate with everyone there.

What I’m looking forward to: Spending some quality time with my family and doing some scuba diving.

As soon as this lock down is over, I am going to rediscover the surrounding Royal national park of New South Wales Australia.
It won’t be the first journey in the sense of ground covered, but it will be the first journey since so many people have been kept away from the trails it’s going to be so nice seeing how nature has changed with a lack of humans in the trails and just to sit down and bask in the tranquillity.

And then while I’m sitting… Maybe start planning South America :wink:

First stop at Redfish Lake in Idaho for a very small, family only wedding ceremony for my sister.

Then assuming the national parks open back up in late June…I’ll be heading straight to Yellowstone for a multi day hike with the girlfriend.

Super excited, because I’ve never been to Yellowstone or partaken in a multi-day hike.

Particularly, looking forward to the campfire brewed coffee and finally getting some extend time out of the house.

My first post-quarantine journey will be to my parent’s house around 25 miles from my house.
My mom is 85 and was recently diagnosed with spleen cancer. I haven’t been able to see my parent’s as a result of COVID-19. She will be having surgery soon, and won’t allow anyone to visit with them until the quarantine is lifted.
It is very upsetting not to be able to see them and help them, and I am just looking forward to hugging and seeing my parents again.

My wife and I will have to go to Barcelona first!
She’s been many times, but I still have yet to go. I hear non-stop good things about it, so I’m really desperate for the opportunity.
The thing I’m most looking forward to is the architecture, especially the Sagrada Familia!

  • Where will this journey take you?

  • Why will it be your first journey?
    Had to cancel in March and my bag is still packed

  • What are you most looking forward to on this journey?
    Seeing my best friend for the first time in years

Where: Japan

Why: My husband and I went for our honeymoon in 2019 with our Minaal Carry-On Backpack 2.0 (along with the attachable hip pads which saved my back, and the packing cubes) and traveled all across Japan for one month. After eating so much food conbini food and kakigõri we came home with so many wonderful memories, which encouraged my parents to want to visit Japan. We were planning a family trip to Japan in spring of 2021 since we wanted to avoid the crowds during the 2020 Olympic event, but with the pandemic it looks like it moved the event to 2021, so we may have to visit during autumn, which still is a beautiful season! We didn’t get to visit an onsen during our honeymoon due to the heat, but if we visit in autumn now we will definitely pay one a visit!

What: I am looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country with my family, including my brother. I am looking forward to creating more fun memories with them and my husband, and of course… The food! I’m looking forward to eating looooots of good food!

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I feel you, and it’s a tough call. I don’t have kids or grandkids so I can’t imagine what that must feel like but it really may be that she has to wait (at least until we know more about this virus) to be absolutely safe. Thank goodness we live in the age of technology (even though it’s how we got here in the first place) and can communicate via video chat. It’s clearly no replacement for true human contact but it’s better than writing letters :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I trust you’ll do what you can to protect your mom and I’m hoping for the best.

On another note, here in Berlin, many people are taking on this time with what can only be described as a rebellious and nonchalant spirit. It’s pretty upsetting. I wish the rules were stricter.

@taylor Redfish Lake is so good! I used to go up there every summer when I was a kid. Hope it’s an amazing trip.

Hey all! Wanted to give a quick update here - we’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow (US time), after a slight delay related my desire to truly randomize the winner selection. :slight_smile:

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:tada: We have a winner!

Everyone give a warm round of applause (emojis :clap:or likes :heart: will do) for @pimnana, our Nuraphones Giveaway contest winner. Her journey:

She also let me know that restaurants have just started opening up cautiously in her area, so she’ll actually be able to support them very soon.

Thanks to everyone!

This was a really fun way to get to know everyone a little bit, so thank you for sharing. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Osaka is fun, and it’s a short train ride to Kyoto which is incredible and beautiful and ancient. We spent 10 days in Kyoto, a week in Nara and a day in Osaka, which was about right.

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Thanks! Enjoy your travels when you are able to. Wishing you the best 2.0 trip.

twist my arm…

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