Giveaway: Your first post-quarantine journey

Giveaway: The Nuraphone

We’re super stoked to collab with Nura to throw one of you a set of their nuraphones ($399 value), which adapt to your specific hearing profile, to craft a personalized sound.

It probably goes without saying that our team is pretty stacked with audio nerds (we did, after all, just launch a radio station) so this is super exciting for us.

How do I win?

The all-important question. We’re going to award this new ear gear to someone on this thread who submits a response to the following:

Tell us about your first post-quarantine journey!

The world will definitely be different as we make our way out of this global pandemic, but it will also be a lot more normal than it is right now. Most of us are locked down these days, and looking forward to the next time we can move around without thinking twice about the air we’re breathing or the surfaces we’re touching.

Those days will come - so let’s day-dream a little bit.

Where will your next journey take you? It might be the park in your home town, or a distant corner of the planet you’ve never seen before. We want to hear about it.

Share the following to qualify to win a set of nuraphones:

  • Where will this journey take you?
  • Why will it be your first journey?
  • What are you most looking forward to on this journey?

All entries (i.e. comments below) before 11:59pm US Pacific on April 30 will qualify for the random draw!

Feel free to comment and reply to other folks’ plans - noting that only your journey story will qualify you for the giveaway draw!


Where: Barcelona
Why: It’s the best place to be
What: The train journey and the space

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I’m loading up my Minaal backpack and going to Retrograde coffeehouse in Sebastopol, where I will enjoy a single origin Guatemalan pour over with notes of cherries and chocolate, and a warm flaky croissant. I will dive into my work, surrounded by weirdos, deviants, miscreants and Deadheads, bless them all.


Where* will this journey take you? Vancouver
Why* will it be your first journey? Had planned to go to a Airbnb cabin with some friends for Canada day/ July 4th
What are you most looking forward to on this journey? Meeting new people and doing water sports.

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Where? From Berkeley, California, to Ashland, Oregon.

Why? I’m in a long distance relationship (16 years!), and we’ve been apart since before the shelter-in-place era. This is already the longest we’ve gone without being togther. FaceTime just isn’t the same.

What am I looking forward to? Like I said… FaceTime just isn’t the same :wink:. But in particular, I’m looking forward to taking her to a belated dinner for her April 20th birthday. (We shared a candle-lit, dressy-from-the-waist-up FaceTime dinner on the day.) Then we’ll travel to Bandon, a spectacular spot on the Oregon coast for the rest of her overdue birthday celebration.


Where? – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Why? – Love the city, the vibe.
What? – The journey there, the parks, the culture.

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Where Newfoundland
Why After seeing the musical Come From Away, discovered this small quaint town
What Whale watching, icebergs, hikes and sights!

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Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, USA
We’ve been in the house for quite awhile. It will be so nice to smell the salty invigorating air and see the waves crashing.
I am looking forward to being able to get out of the house (cabin fever, stir crazy) and see the ocean!

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Hii! I am an indo kenyan Canadian whose been living in Canada for the last decade. As soon as we can travel I will be taking my husband to Nairobi, Kenya on the east coast of Africa. My home town, so we can see my extended family for the first time since getting married as they were not able to join us in Vancouver Canada. Also to show my husband all the beauty East Africa has to offer and where I grew up since we are both equatorial children (he is from Indonesia). We were supposed to actually be in Zanzibar (yes that’s right Freddy Mercury’s birth place) right now on our honey moon. But quarantine lol !!! So we are just honeymooning at home, pretending to be on our own private beach haha. It’s not only the family and the honey moon! I think we are both most excited for all the GOOD FOOD :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: cause you know us Kenyans are known for three things:

  1. excellent runners
  2. excellent food
  3. passion for life and our natural environment

The first place I am going after quarantine is to California for surfing by way of Southern Utah for hiking and exploring.

Why? because I miss being out on load road trips, stopping in funky little non-towns to gas up and see what the local life is like. And if it turns out to be the wrong season for surfing and hiking, then I’ll still go those same places but for local food and walking around town.

What I am most looking forward to is the joy of driving long enough to have day become sunset become night as you motor on down the highway. It feels magical!

  • Where -
    I currently live in the US.
    Home to South India and back to the US via Iceland.
  • Why
    Been half a decade since I’ve been home to India (the wanderlust kept pulling me to other places with the vacation time I get each year). The covid times reiterated what the important things are, so trip to ‘home home’ and also to the place where my heart feels at home in the solitude of Westfjords of Iceland.
  • What are you most looking forward to on this journey?
    Meeting family and eating lotsa delicious food in India and the solo drives and hikes in the WestFjords.

Where: Osaka, Japan
Why: never been there, and I heard and read lots of great things about Osaka and Japan.
What…: see the culture, to try the awesome cuisine, and meet the kind and gracious residents


Where: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Why: The breathtaking beauty of the pristine land not crowded with hustle and bustle of a busy city but moreso harmonized with the sounds of nature
What: I am most looking forward to being in the Valley of 72 Waterfalls! A sled ride down the mountainside doesn’t hurt either.

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First, I’m taking my minaal backpack and moving to Shanghai. It’s time to see the world, not just let it pass by. Then I want to finally see Bali. I want to walk in the warm sand, find peace in the waves, see the colours of the clothes, food and sunsets vividly (not in someone else’s photos) and focus on the joy of feeling free, while experiencing the Bali Swing.

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Where: Library.
Why: It’s close to home but good for a little escape to find new books when I run low on unread ones in my home library.
What: More books once I finish what I am reading right now!

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Where: Kauai, Hawaii
Why: I’ve never been to Kauai, let alone Hawaii. I love the beach and hiking, so I thought this will be an opportune time to tackle these.
What: Kauai is known for the Kalalau Trail and it’s on my budget list to do in my lifetime.


Proust said finding out the world is going to end would be the best thing for humanity (paraphr). We’d finally kiss Miss X, or do that thing we’ve always wanted to do. We’d be liberated from the burden of complacency.

I have always wanted to see the Starling murmurations. I hope we’re released from quarantine before fall, but that trip, even though it’ll be in the fall, is one I must make before I die. Road trip and trains from England to Central Europe. Chasing birds making magic in the sky. :blue_heart:


Most likely one of the US national parks. It doesn’t matter which one…

Why? The parks ground me and remind me of the power of Mother Nature to change things over time.

The best thing about the trip? I’ll go with my son.


I’m going to the beach. Why? Because I find the feeling of the sand and the beauty of the ocean calming. I’m looking forward to taking a deep breath, plopping myself in a chair, and soaking in the beauty of the outdoors.

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Where: local Library
Why: have missed them so much
What: can listen to tunes while I search for a new book

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