Future giveaway wishlist?

Moar giveaways…

The Nura giveaway (Giveaway: Your first post-quarantine journey) generated some amazing responses, so we’re going to do more of that soon - do you have any products/companies you’d like to see us partner up with?

Share your ideas :clap:

Leave ideas in this thread and we’ll add them to our list for a future collab.

Ooh! What about a travel experience for, ya know, a trip… in the future? Maybe a hotel or hotel group? Like, fancy I know, but… https://slh.com/about-slh

… a girl can dream :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How about Brompton (the folding bike people)?
LIke Minaal, they have a high end appeal, and are cunningly constructed.


Minaal Daily 2.0 :slight_smile:

How about Tropicfeel? A kickstarter birthed company selling travel (shoes) products. They’ve just started another pre-order for a new line.


@Lemuel.c Love this - will check out their stuff!

@kript super suggestion - good fit for mobility and an active lifestyle. We’ll add them to our list!

Perhaps, Google as in the Google pixel buds? I’ve heard they do live translation and would help during travel! Don’t know how realistic this is, but it would be super neat.


Good suggestion too. There are definitely some Googlers sporting Minaal gear, so it may be possible. We shall see. :slight_smile:

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Also maybe Stojo? Pretty cool reusable travel cups they have :raised_hands: /yodavoice


Yodaaaaaaa likey very much.