Daily 3.0 Bottle pocket

I think it would be useful to have an external zippered side pocket that hides an elastic water bottle pocket. This would eliminate the look that the bag isn’t business professional looking, and that would solve the lack of space for a normal water bottle pocket.


I’ve seen variations on this idea before and think it’s a really good one to at least consider. That way when not in use the bottle pocket doesn’t get caught and is completely out of the way, but can expand to hold things securely.

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I agree the current bottle pocket is…unsightly.

However, I prefer it as it is to losing space inside bag for a bottle.

If a zippered pocket could be made on outside of bag, then brilliant. That may just be increasing height of current pocket and adding zipper closing to top, or similar.

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What about something like this inside a hidden zipped pocket on the outside of the pack?

It’s thick elastic, curved and open on the bottom to grab the bottle easily while wearing it but also open on top to put the bottle in when packing it up. Maybe be able to roll the flap that covers the bottle pocket so its out of the way and the pocket can be used without the zippered flap in the way like the back panel’s cover on the carry on

You can make it as slim as you want and it can expand to fit most bottles. The problem with a simple mesh holder that hides away is that the bottle isn’t secure if its a smaller bottle. It will be flimsy, there needs to be something to support it so it doesn’t flap around too much while walking or running to class or the airport.

Agree…best example is the Aer Travel Pack

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Hmm not a fan of the vertical zipper in the middle of the fabric, maybe one that is flush the seam of the side to the back panel. I think it would actually be nice to have an option for a water bottle on each side. And be able to use the extender straps on it

Water bottle is a deal breaker for me. I actually lost a water bottle in my carry on as it slipped out so a zippered concept could work nicely.

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I also agree. I am not a fan of the carry on’s water bottle holder in general, but I also rarely use my carry on and mainly use my daily, even when going on year long trips around the world (in that distant pre-COVID time). It would be HUGE to have a way to hold a water bottle easily and securely on the outside, especially if it was in an expandable fashion that meant slightly extra space overall. Please implement!

Hey folks! Thanks for all the insight here – seems to be a mix of Carry-on and Daily notes so will just summarise where we’re at / what we’re taking from this / what would continue to be helpful:

  • As a starting point - for a variety of reasons, the 3.0 designs are final, so any further development for bottles would be for 4.0+

  • There are two options for bags when holding bottles in a dedicated spot: external and internal. External will inevitably change the overall bag silhouette; internal (including those accessed from the outside) will inevitably reduce space available for other things. Everyone (including people in the comments above, and in our own team!) - will disagree which of these trade offs is the best one to make. Which is the all part of the rich tapestry of life :slight_smile:

  • That said, functionality-wise we do think the CO 3.0 holder is a solid improvement of its 2.0 version, based on tester use. There’s much less tension at the base and this reduces the push-up-&-out. Combined with using the shockcord retainer it’s making a big difference.

  • That said x 2 - and most importantly - there are some really interesting ideas above. We’ll be taking all of them into the design process and evaluating what’s possible / a joy to use.

  • If you come across any examples you like, please keep dropping them in here. Anything and everything is appreciated.