Cities - What's It Like Where You Are?


NYC: New York’s three major airports are operating at about 5% of their normal traffic!!! :astonished:

Mexico City:


it’s this sort of thing that gives me hope for capitalism.

@jimmhay - does this look familiar?

very, very familiar. people/businesses are FINALLY getting the message, but things are starting to break down. the choke point is hospitals, who are now refusing to take covid patients. some guy with a positive test got driven around in an ambulance all night, being refused entry from 80(!) hospitals.

That is shocking (!)… and confusing. Where are people supposed to go???

Similar hospital choke point news out of Mexico

Big lack of medical equipment here + 9% of positive cases thus far are hospital workers.

Could someone in the States (@derek?) explain their POV of all the messiness about ‘opening back up’? I’m so confused.

Here in SE Michigan it’s a typical Winter/Spring day in April: full sun then an hour of snow then sun a few hours with no snow accumulation. As far as our state’s latest executive order on COVID-19, we’re still mandated to stay home, stay safe except for essential workers, essential tasks. The threat is very real and close in proximity at work and city. It’s nerve-wracking. The social distancing from not adversely affects my family outside my home and close friends I’m used to being close to. Stay well everyone


Welcome NutmegsMom, thanks for dropping by.

That weather sounds a lot like Denver - although our snow is probably over as of this weekend and we’re into much more Spring-like conditions. Noticing a lot of folks outside now, and expect this weekend to be one that sees a lot of people ignoring stay-at-home orders purely due to weather and general ‘at home fatigue’.

I am pretty nervous about all the rhetoric in the States on opening up ‘soon’, while totally understanding how hard the economic impact of the shut downs is for people. I’m just still hearing nightmare scenarios from my family in healthcare, and testing is so hard to come by, it seems a little premature to open back up. At least in major cities.

We shall see!

I could interpret ‘messiness’ a few ways, haha. Guessing you mean the headlines right now about various power struggles between leadership at federal, state and local levels? I would say it’s a result of how our country operates in a crisis, which is to say ‘messily’. We’re a huge country, and we have a wide range of opinions on the role of the federal government - which gets extra edgy in a crisis.

I personally think the federal government really dragged their feet on getting ahead of this, and has over-corrected to try and insert themselves into the ‘solution’ logistics to own the political upside of any success we have getting past the curve. It’s caused a ton of confusion, and it would appear that it’s actually slowed down the distribution of critical PPE and possibly testing equipment - we’re starting to see health care groups get really vocal and certain Governors/Mayors publicly take on the White House in ways you almost never see. It sounds like the feds are seizing PPE orders headed to states/healthcare facilities and claiming to re-distribute those supplies without revealing to whom or where. I realize that could sound conspiracy theory but I’m only highlighting a (possible) side effect of the way each layer of government is operating in a crisis that would heavily benefit from collaboration and probably isn’t.

Anyway, that seems to be fueling a pretty big clash between government bodies on the subject of ‘opening back up’. It’s like a house of cards fell and nobody really feels the need to play nice, politically.

Generally, though, it seems to me that the public’s appetite for ‘opening back up’ once there are any indicators (real or not) a certain area is past the top of their curve is growing, so I’d expect elected officials respond to that by pushing for it over being too conservative.

It’s not logical to reopen businesses when so many are coming down with COVID-19. Some areas are mandating furloughs in the allied healthcare field. There’s a nearby hospital shutting down.

On quarantine, I’ve learned over many years the meaning of patience and solitude. I have no issue with staying home and actually miss my remote access job. I’m now onsite with the same employer and though I’m essential, a part of me wishes I was gone working. I’ve minimized my routines over the years so the stay home order doesn’t adversely affect me.

I see many people who don’t share my view and they give off high stress frantic vibes at the supermarket. They literally run me over at the little Farmer’s Market. Mob rules is scary.

I hope this reply finds you in good health.

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I live in Chicago, and everyone is wearing masks and gloves. I am going to order some more

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I live in Stuttgart, DE. Germany shut down all but essential businesses a few weeks ago, but now they’re starting to reopen smaller shops if proper hygienic measures are taken and a distance of at least 1.5 meters between people is maintained. From Monday on facial coverings - a scarf will do - will be required on public transportation and in shops. Oktoberfest has been canceled, I don’t see how they can hold Christmas markets this year. Different German states apply different restrictions, they’re not country-wide. Generally people have been observing the lockdown and social distancing, street markets have been open and carefully crowded, and the federal government health minister announced the outbreak is under control - we’ll see.

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@NutmegsMom the intensity of the situation is clear through your posts. if you can share, what essential area are you in? and can you clarify on why a hospital is shutting down?

@kim74 where are you sourcing masks and gloves? all i’m hearing from US friends is the impossibility of sourcing them!

@kshapar thanks for the report from DE. is there any tension between more aggressive states and more conservative ones, in terms of restrictions?

Jimmy I used to drive logistics and backed your first travel bag campaign, but that job destroyed my health so I returned full-time to IT Support Services. Additionally, one worker abandoned her job so I have been filling in since November. I’m at Public Housing and help keep business running with a few other key members. I love what I do but COVID-19 has changed the world as we all knew it.

I’m glad you started this group. It’s good medicine for me.

Stay well everyone.


Walgreens and Amazon have them

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So far all I’ve seen are reports that some states are handling the response to the virus a bit differently - for instance, Bavaria was quick to introduce a lockdown, but some states were much slower, if at all. Here’s an article that reports on this part of the situation:

I haven’t directly seen a rise in tension between the states over this beyond the normal - e.g., years before, I saw t-shirts in Stuttgart ridiculing Bavarians, for instance, and everyone hates the Prussians.


I lived in Chicago for ten years, grew up in the burbs. Been watching closely - my parents are still out in the Fox Valley.

Weirdly here in Denver it’s like 50/50 on masks.