Carryon and Daily 2.0 for sale

Hey all,
Since upgrading to the new bags, trying to pare down things around the house so letting go of my first Minaals. Decently traveled but still in good shape. Asking $75 OBO.
Thanks and keep the faith, we’ll travel again soon!


I am interested but curious what shipping might end up being. Where are you located?

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Also interested, but possibly just for the carryon? Lmk what you think.

Sorry, probably should have specified. Kansas City. Probably wouldn’t be too bad, can condense them somewhat. I can investigate, might be $15-20?

I mean, I’d be open to it, just want them to not go to waste now that I have the new ones. They’ve both been great and have a lot of life left.

I have been wanting the carryon for a while, Just haven’t had the money for it. I currently have the daily 2.0 and love it! Use it everyday for work and as my travel personal item. But would love the carryon for longer trips!

You’ll get 2x-3x on eBay

I love it. They seemed just fine. My wife and boys have inherited my old bags. They definitely have life still in them.

We need a Minaal rescue center while folks upgrade.

I’m interested if you’ll ship to the UK (Happy to pay for that, obviously)

Thanks Danny, will look into what it costs to ship.

Hey there… If still available, I’d be interested in the Daily.

I’m just west on I-70 in Lawrence…