Bringing Things "In House" (Literally) [Recommendations Wanted!]

It’s really good to keep supporting businesses during this time. And. Has anyone else started doing things “in house” that they used to farm out to another person or business? Started your own kombucha? Making your own bread? Sewing your own pants?

I personally love having iced coffee or a nitro as my late morning bevvie. And pre-quarantine I bought whatever brand was at the grocery store and brought it home. But those can be pricey comparative to making it yourself. The price was a trade-off I accepted previously because I was “too busy” to figure out making my own cold brew or nitro. But now? All of a sudden I have time and thought, ‘why not?’

So I’m diving in and purchasing a Toddy cold brew system. You can make 14 cups of cold brew coffee in one go. Which will either last me 2 weeks…or I will set my hair on fire with excessive consumption on week 1.

I would love to hear what things you’ve brought “in house” since quarantine started.

And, since I’m betting you did some research, who are the experts you found online who teach that skill, what books or blogs did you find to help you learn, or what tools or systems did you purchase to be able to do this skill at home?

For me, it’s the Toddy system and cold brew. I will report back once I’ve made my first batch.


Whoa, I was literally just making a latte and thinking “hm maybe this will persist after we’re let outside again”.

So, I’m trying this new dtc coffee brand that ships you what’s effectively a concentrated coffee, and you add water or milk to build your drink. This sounds like a plug but it’s definitely not, I found out about them in some newsletter. I think it’s still in a pre-launch, but I think this link (a referral link btw) gets you a password: or just try

Point is, I never make myself lattes, I’d usually buy one and at that maybe once every other week.

But we have almond, pea and oat milk at home, so I microwave a cup of it for 2 minutes, mix this stuff in with a frother (didn’t even know we owned one) and it’s annoyingly good. It comes out to $2 a cup, which beats most latte prices in Denver.

So I might be an at-home latte maker. I’m not sure.

Edit: I’ll add the coffee - you just add water - is pretty impressive if you like the hipster/acidic coffee taste, a la Blue Bottle. I’m not a huge fan of that particular coffee trend, prefer mine more 'traditional dark coffee" - hence the latte experiments.

@derek waving to you from SLC Hello neighbor!

Sounds like you and I could start our own barista from home business. Now serving all residents of…our own homes. Also, I’m with you on preferring the more traditional dark coffee flavors as opposed to the bright hipster coffees.

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@heyk8 waives from Denver. Am I in Denver? Is this real? What is real. #quarantine

Adding ‘barista’ to my twitter profile. :slight_smile:

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I’m more of a tea/bubble tea drinker, and before I moved into quarantine-mode, my prep shopping brought me to my local asian market in Houston (far less busy than the other major grocers, everyone was masked up, AND they had toilet paper AND it was Hello Kitty; however I feel bad for Kitty White, she didn’t deserve that).

I picked up a vietnamese coffee filter, two unnecessarily massive bags of milk and taro milk tea, and snacks. I’m not great at making boba (yet) but the other the milk teas are incredibly easy. i also jumped on the cold (home) brew bandwagon and threw a bunch of hotel coffee bags into a giant thermos, and now i’m even able to make some kopi cham by mixing in some black tea with the milk tea and coffee. no GI issues so far… :joy:


great thread… if a little bleak for kitty white. @james you’re a monster.

we’ve mostly just purchased/sourced a few things that allowed us to do more stuff that we were already doing:

  • milk frother for home made lattes (everyone’s a barista these days…)
  • mini Japanese oven for home cooking – before we just had a stove/microwave/box toaster combo
  • external monitor for WFH/Netflix

in terms of research/learning, we figured out how to cook mini-pizzas on gyoza skin bases. possibly the highlight of this whole period.

Love this prompt.
Our house has taken a shine to four cheese frozen pizzas + boxed wine aperos. Send help.

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I had to look up gyoza skin bases, having never heard of them before…sounds like you have a pizza bite biz in the making! Especially if you do unique and bizarre flavor combos.


Smart call visiting the asian market @james. I went there for my emergency stash of rice and the size of the bag I got was comical and impressive. Once we crack into it, I’m going to have a 25lb bag of rice just sitting on the counter till it’s at least halfway gone because it won’t fit standing upright in any of my cabinets.

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Sauces are making the same ingredients so much more interesting over here in Mexico City :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Quarantine home innovation: sushi train!


this is nowhere near as creative as @Luke but we’ve rediscovered the heaven that is squeezed grapefruit + sparkling water. alcohol added at your discretion.

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SERIOUSLY?! Dude. I make this damn near daily. It’s incredible. When we were swinging back through Oakland after Mex City this last time, one of the old neighborhood fav bars, Cafe Van Kleef, was serving tubs of this. Bar was covered with grapefruit :star_struck:


ha no way. i could drink litres of this stuff, especially once it gets sticky outside.

@heyk8 missed this part – currently digging


Sweet news you can use:

Anyone here ALREADY know how to fix running toilets or how to unclog a drain? :thinking:

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We for sure learned a ton of skills in lieu of having repair guys over during lockdown. Who knew replacing AC filters was so easy?

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