Binge Together - watch movies together with your friends

Came across this and loved the concept - apparently built this week by a bored dev in quarantine.

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This quarantine is probably the best thing that ever happened to lonely people. A whole new world of virtual socialising!


Any good movie recs for the freshly quarantined??

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A few I’ve been recommending on the off chance folks haven’t seen them:

  • Waking Life - my fave Linklater film, and would be great ‘group watch’
  • Lost in Translation - most have seen, but an elegant film about isolation feels time-appropriate
  • Tiger King - not a movie but has gone viral in the US, makes for amazing TV (is it available internationally?)
  • Outbreak - I mean, we’re living it

If you ever have a chance to watch either American Movie or King of Kong, do so. All-time great documentaries. Billy Mitchell ftw.


This is also a cool effort: Focus Features offering Monday night movies livestream with director Q&A:

Also helpful resource to cut down that endless Netflix scrolling (story of my life):


VERY cool

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COOL AND AVAILABLE FREE AND STARTING TODAY. These guys know what they’re talking about.

Here’s a look at the 7 webinars and the special guest for each:

  • Session 1 >> The Four Pillars of Story with Coop, aka James Cooper, a motivational coach and storytelling consultant .
  • Session 2 >> What makes a remarkable character and the art of listening with Joan Fleishman, who is the Behavioral Health Clinical Director for Oregon Health & Science University’s Department of Family Medicine.
  • Session 3 >> Developing your Story Keywords with Victor Ha, the Director of Marketing for Fujifilm.
  • Session 4 >> The basics of plot and engagement with Cara Gresser, who leads up the brand content at Four Seasons .
  • Session 5 >> Advanced plot and the 6 Essential Plot Points with Jamey Durham, a scriptwriting teacher and consultant .
  • Session 6 >> The role of Place in creating authenticity and trust with Anne Hamby, a researcher who has published over 20 papers in the field of Narrative Transportation (which is a large part of how story works inside humans).
  • Session 7 >> Integrating the whole process into your business and stories going forward with Jay Worsley, an award-winning filmmaker who has had amazing results integrating ideas from SoS into his business.
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Man, that is very cool - I’ve always wanted to attend SXSW film but never could make it happen.

sweet lineup, did you catch any yet?

Watching now :upside_down_face:

Most of the Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki canon is on Netflix right now. So good. So far this week watched (in order of fav):

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Princess Mononoke
Pom Poko
Porco Rosso

EDIT: Just watched Ponyo. Moves to second on the list. Soooo good.

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Obsessed with Ghibli. Spirited Away totally reset how I thought about film (and animation).

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Any other Fleabag fans out there may appreciate -

Such. A. Great. Show.

It is available in Germany. And everybody in my social filter bubble is watching it and talking about it. For example, it is mentioned in many Podcasts that I regularly listen.

I started watching just this week…


It’s such a viral phenomenon. It’s highly entertaining and it’s really sad, all at once.

dad’s full review of TK: “they’re crazy, every single one of them is crazy.”

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Anyone watching The Last Dance doc about MJ and the 90s Bulls?
I still get goosebumps listening to the Alan Parsons Project song that introduces the starting lineups.

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