At home everywhere

i’m fascinated by the future of movement, especially between now and when we feel like it’s ‘safe’ to be on the road.

kopa is interesting because it feels like it could’ve existed/been useful before covid (and they did start in 2016), but is also well-positioned to grow through increased domestic location flexibility. thousands of twitter employees, newly enabled to work from wherever, could spread out across the US and take up residence in medium-term spots like these.

@derek - since it’s US-only - could you see yourself taking the fam and doing a month or two somewhere a little more bucolic?

100%. We’re already window-shopping something like this, pretty much just for the change of scenery. Especially with a new kid, a remote getaway is more attractive than it would have previously been, because before we’d have been more interested in dining out.

Kopa’s kind of interesting, although I find it funny they lead with insanely expensive Bay Area apartments hahaha.

I’ve been wondering if there are any Airbnb-for-yurts sites…

we feel pretty much the same way. if you take away the restaurants and the offices there aren’t many reasons to live in any city.

biggest question mark is how people will feel about sharing accommodation in general. seems like anyone offering a place will need to ‘prove’ they’ve made the place virus-free somehow, unless i’m over-estimating how risk-averse the mood is.

for what it’s worth, airbnb are all-in on this change too.

@jimmhay @derek - would either of you jump at “digital travel”? :thinking:

Also, fodder for follow-up:

@h.swenson really doesn’t appeal to me. At least while i still believe we’ll be able to do the real thing sometime soon :slight_smile:

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To consider:

Happy the beach got a pass as relatively safe with distancing :beach_umbrella:

phew, just in time for the “#todaysoffice” insta posts! :computer: