Any runners here? 🏃‍♀️

In the Cities - What's It Like Where You Are? thread we got to talking about running, and I thought it’d be interesting to see how many runners we have in the community. :running_man:

If you’re a runner:

  • What kind of running do you do?
  • Any recommended runs / races?
  • Any post-quarantine run-related plans?
  • This has evolved so much over the years but recently it’s been almost all urban running and just for weekend fun, explore a new place, or to clear the head.
  • Bolder Boulder is so fun I love that race. SF marathon course is so beautiful and so devastating at the same time– those gentle rolling hills in the Presidio gently rolled my knees into noodles.
  • Yes! There’s an incredible range of modernist social housing architecture in the east suburbs of Paris and I’ve been wanting to do a run tour - now’s the chance!

@Francoregonian weird timing (from other thread) - you’ve run Boston and NY? Which was better… was just talking to a friend in Denver about aiming for one of those races.

I’d probably never qualify for Boston and I think NY is a little slower, plus I turned 40 so I aged into slower (yay), but still curious which you’d do if you picked one.


I have. Boston 2x and NY 1x. Both are amazing experiences. For me Boston is my favorite but that’s a) because I’m more a Boston vs NY guy (big Sox fan) and b) it’s the only race I’ve ever run where all the lead up to it and race day made me feel like an elite runner, despite my non-elite status. Not sure how much of that has changed since 2013 (I ran Boston the second time that year) Obviously harder to get into than NYC as well. That being said, both great experiences despite me crashing and burning in Central Park. :slight_smile:

Don’t sleep on the Twin Cities marathon as well (enjoyable course and a fun visit, even in early October). Or Big Sur; amazing course though not one to run if you’re looking for a PR!

Hope this helps! Happy to blather on more indepth if so required…


I’ve heard Twin Cities is great - I think smaller cities that take them seriously are the best. I loved Eugene OR and I loved Columbus OH. Compared to SF - where literally NObody shows up to watch, those two smaller communities just bursted with energy, and the races were SO well organized.

Yeah I’ve heard nothing but good things about Eugene. My running club used to pace Portland and well… it sucked. Worse course in a city ever. That may change given the previous RD was forced to give up the rights to the race. Has the potential to be on the same level of TC in terms of race environment. Man, there are times where I miss my home state!

Love a bit of run chat - will add a UK flavour to the thread :grin:

What kind of running do you do?
Right now, strictly urban and longer jaunts along the coast. Love getting in to the hills but can’t really justify it as ‘essential travel’ right now.

Any recommended runs / races?
The Dramathon in the Scottish Highlands is class. 26 miles through stunning landscapes, passing through a handful of distilleries (nothing like a lung full of distillery air), and a goodie bag of nine whisky miniatures at the finish line. Best race I’ve done and headed back this year (for the ‘Half Dram’ this time - want to slow up and enjoy the experience a little more this time round, maybe even neck a miniature on the start line like some hard folks were last year)! :sweat_smile:

Great North Run in Newcastle is a good time; a band at every mile marker and what seems like the entirety of NE England out to support along the course. I ran the Harris Half last July (sadly cancelled this year), part of a series called the HEB3 which I hope to do one day - running three of the five Hebridean HM’s (Stornoway, Benbecula, Skye, Barra, Harris).

If we’re making recommendations against races, avoid the Edinburgh Marathon. An out-and-back course that’s (mostly) not even in Edinburgh, and very dull.

Any post-quarantine run-related plans?
Training for my first ultra in Northern Ireland in September and keeping everything crossed it’ll actually happen. Planning a few getaways for training runs along some English/Scottish coastlines. Mostly excited to get back together with my running club and sink some beers though, if I’m entirely honest!