About the Quarantine category

This is a room dedicated to connecting with other members while we’re experiencing social isolation, quarantine, and “stay at home” life (apart from the people keeping people safe out there – thank you!).

What is this for?

This area is for discussions about how our life is changing, how to get by while we’re all confined to our homes, and anything related to the experience we’re all sharing as this virus makes its way around the world.

Content that fits here:

  • Links to helpful resources related to COVID-19 - please ensure they are generally resources that have some scientific validity or widely trusted data sources.
  • Links to heartwarming stories around the world, related to this new life we’re all living
  • Links to creative, unique or otherwise innovative stuff that’s happening around the world as a result of COVID-19
  • Questions! Feel free to ask questions about anything related to this experience, or how others are experiencing it in their corner of the world.

Stuff that’s not a fit:

  • Conspiracy theories
  • Unproductively negative takes - let’s try to carve out a mostly-positive corner of the internet. This is hard enough on folks and there are plenty of spaces for unproductive negativity.
  • Pirate Radio ideas - drop that stuff over in this section.

Hot tip: You can drop links into the title section of your forum post, and in most cases it will generate a nice link preview and produce a post title for you.