About the Badlands


…is our general community area, for any and every discussion. Some may call it ‘off-topic’. We call it ‘pretending to work’.

We’re moving our internal team chat from Slack to here, and on top of that, we’d love any community contributions (i.e., shameless gif posts) from you!

Possible topics:

  • Questions for the team (or wider community) about gear (tips, tricks, hacks)
  • Are there any other Minaal members in your hometown?
  • Home office setups
  • Favorite non-Minaal products and services
  • Share music / videos to get us all through those long WFH Mondays
  • Travel talk - (since we’ll all be back at it soon, Jah-willing)

Oh, and why “Badlands”? I’ll let @jimmhay expand if he wants to add details, because I believe he’s responsible, but the Minaal team uses Slack to communicate (as we’re all in different countries) and our #general chat room in Slack is named Badlands, which has always inspired a healthy dose of randomness to the conversation in that room. :sunglasses:

Now we all have a Badlands. Yussssss.

for global benefit, here’s the inspiration for #badlands:

the intro for Renegade

the German version, because why not

and the full script for the intro:

He was a cop, and good at his job
But he committed the ultimate sin
And testified against other cops gone bad.
Cops that tried to kill him
But got the woman he loved instead.
Framed for murder
Now he prowls the badlands.
An outlaw hunting outlaws.
A bounty hunter.
A renegade.