About Minaal Pirate Radio (yarrr) 🏴‍☠️

Welcome, friends.

As mentioned via email, we’re launching a pirate radio station. Again: this is not a joke. Well – it might turn out to be a complete joke, but we’re not joking.

We’re throwing this thing together as a team spread around the world, totally ignoring the fact that if you asked us a month ago what we’d be doing if placed under a worldwide mandate to socially isolate, there’s a pretty good chance “start a radio station” would not have been top of mind.

But… why?

We’re in the midst of this whole mess too, and we’re craving 1) information, 2) entertainment, and 3) a sense of community. So we’re scratching our own itch.

OK, I’m convinced.

Sweet! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in at the ground floor of a radio station launch. Not you, Steve, everyone knows about your extensive experience, there will be a time and place for you.

Anyway – here you all are, on the ground floor! There’s a first time for everything (including us, doing this).

What you can do:

You’ve found our new forum, which was the first step. Next step is create an account in the upper right of your screen there (remove eyepatch if you can’t see it) - that’ll give you access to make posts.

From there, drop any ideas, questions, suggestions and connections into this thread or any others linked below.

Together we’ll make this pirate radio station a pirate radio station to end all pirate radio stations.

Take a look around.

Below is a brainstorming thread about anyone who’d be a great interview for Pirate Radio - ideas welcome! The only criteria is that they’re interesting people doing interesting things – doesn’t have to be COVID-19 related.

The next thread’s focused on music, because what radio station doesn’t include some tunes, right?

We’re hoping we can get some killer live sets onto Pirate Radio – mostly so Doug doesn’t play the Spice Girls eponymous debut album on repeat – so any suggestions and connections are golden.

And since this situation is stressful and uncertain for folks (including us) we’re opening a thread dedicated to Life In Quarantine.

We’ll be updating this radio thread as we go - in the meantime, we’re head-down, slapping this rickety radio ship together. Launch is planned within the next 10 days.

Questions? Comments? Scorching Hot Takes?

We’re all ears :slight_smile: - sign up top right and let us know below.

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Strong, strong entry right there.

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@JesseLawler top tier ice breaker meme

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So, believe it or not I do have a question. (Which, admittedly, probably precludes my being a pirate captain.) What is the actual interface one uses for Internet Radio? For that matter, what defines Internet Radio? Is it “always on” where you just get whatever is playing at the time you turn it on, like old-school broadcast radio…or is it more like podcasts where you can take discrete chunks at the time you choose?


Oh man, @jimmhay is going to love this question. It’s such a valid question, because radio used to be radio and then the internet just sort of had radio but didn’t exactly have it, and then BOOM podcasts show up (and nobody paid attention to them until BOOM they did!).

I will say Pirate Radio will be radio - once live it’ll be “always on” and serendipity will reign supreme. Old-school radio served up over the web - but without the ads. I swear normal FM radio these days is 60% ads.

But also… there will be discrete chunks made available for dining on after things have aired, podcast-style. An audio buffet, to extend a truly horrible metaphor.

So, I think the answer to your questions in order are “an embedded web player on this forum”, “possibly us?” and “yes, and yes”. Hahahaha.


@JesseLawler yeah, @derek nailed it. in the next 48hr there will be a player bottom right of this forum. always-on. talk segments will air 3 x on their first day (to cover timezones), and then Sunday will be a day of replays.

24hr after a segment first airs on radio, we’ll open a show notes thread in here with on-demand audio.

make sense?

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Awesome. Thanks. Luckily, I am a fan of Frankensteinian, Human-Centipede metaphors.


@jimmhay On a non-pirate radio personal note, I recently waylaid Doug on Skype to see if I could either sucker or succor the two of you into a catch-up call to ply you for information. Haven’t heard back from him yet (or maybe I have, but am looking in the wrong place). In any event, let me know where best to bug you, unless you’re in stealth ninja mode.